expose secrets

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╔═══*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═══╗
I had all and then most of
you. Some and now
none of you. Take me
back to the night we met.
╚═══*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═══╝


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I sigh as I enter my empty bedroom, I'm not enjoying the silent treatment I'm receiving from Makkari. It feels horrible. I don't think I've gone a full day of life without talking to her. I turn back around and enter makkari's room.

I knock on the door and walk in. She waves me away but I keep walking towards her

"Go away."


She huffs and I jump onto her bed and sit on her legs. She grumbles and I sign "I just made out with Druig."

She rolls her eyes and I sign "I was going to tell you first. I know how angry you were when I didn't tell you immediately after."

She attempts to kick me away from her but I hold my ground. She pushes me off her and we end up getting in a smacking match. She pushes and smacks my arm and I return the beautiful and loving gesture back. Just more aggressive.

She pushes me too hard and I grab ahold of her arm as I go tumbling off the bed. We start swatting at each other as we roll on the ground. "Fighting always did calm your ass down. Fighting has always been your solution for when we have an argument."

She smacks me upside the head and I chuck her off me ready to continue this disagreement.

Makkari and I have an odd friendship alright?

She speeds towards me tackling me to the ground. My head smacks the hardwood floors and I groan as she does her speed punches to my stomach. I grab her fist stopping her mid swing with my heightened senses.

She grumbles as she throws stuff from her nightstand at me.

I look to her as I duck out of the way of a book and some other items. "Are we going to talk like grown ups?"

She scoffs and signs "Is that what we are? You seem to just be my lying best friend."

I throw the book back at her and scoff as I sign "I told you about Druig. I've been keeping you in the loop about Druig the moment I started liking him."

"You're lying about more then just him. I know you are."

I shake my head and she throws a glass of water at me. I duck and gasp. My voice cracks while I use my higher register "Are you kidding me?!"

She nods and I literally tackle her. Makkari's door opens while we roll on the ground smacking and punching each other.

Thena, Phastos, Gilgamesh, Sprite, and Druig stand there watching us fight.

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