Chapter 19

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Peter pulled up to a rundown, abandoned warehouse. It was here. This was the place he had literally killed to see. This was where his uncle was keeping Sarah.

Peter pulled a knife out from the glove compartment, and stepped out of the car. There was a double door on the front of the building leading inside. Something didn't feel right. Why we're there no guards trying to kill him like in the past? He thre the thought to the side, trying to only focus on Sarah. Peter continued walking until he reached the door.

The door creaked when he tried to open it as slow as possible. The inside of the warehouse had two floors. The bottom floor was filled with sealed boxes and a couple rusted machines. The second floor had stairs leading to it with a door at the top. Peter could see inside the floor because of the glass that replaced the walls on the second day floor. Through the mirror, he saw furniture. A couch, a table, chairs and even a kitchen. It was a little apartment above the first floor

Something caught his attention. He enraged at the sight. Sarah was tied to a chair in the little apartment. Peter was ready to sprint up the stairs when he heard a voice.

"Little nephew! So glad you are here," Uncle Jerry said.

"Let her go!" Peter shouted. He tensed up waiting to pull the knife out of his pocket.

"Now Now settle down," Jerry spoke. "We have more important masters to discuss.. "Your mother and father died. They left all their money to you. I don't know why, but now we know who they favored. Anyway I want you to sign a legal document that says, you will give the will to me. Then I will give you your sister.

"And if I don't?" Peter questioned.

"I'll simply kill you and Sarah," Jerry responded.

"What a load of bull!" Peter screamed.
He was ready to take out the knife when uncle Jerry pulled out a gun.

"Don't you even dare!" Jerry screamed.

Peter moved his hand away from his pocket. "Just give me the thing to sign," Peter demanded.

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