Chapter 21

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You and Cas were just playing around. He was laughing with you. You wished that Dean wasn't mad at you ever since you ran away.

Dean then calls Cas.
Dean: Hey Cas, how's y/n?
Cas: She's good.
Dean: Can I talk to her?
Cas hands you the phone.
You: Hello?
Dean: Hey baby girl.
You: Hi Dean.
Dean: are you behaving?
You: Yes sir.

Dean didn't like it when you said that. He didn't want to be like John. He didn't want you to call him "sir."
Dean: Y/n, you don't have to say sir to me.
You: Okay.
Dean: Listen, Sam and I will be home sometime tomorrow.
You: Okay.
Dean: Love you baby girl.
You: Love you too Dean.
Dean: Bye sweetie.
You: Bye.
Dean then hangs up the phone and you hand Cas his phone.
Cas: What's wrong?
You: Dean's still mad at me!
You then run to your room.

Meanwhile, Cas calls Dean again.
Dean: Hey Cas.
Sam: what's up?
Cas: It's about y/n.
Dean: Cas? What happened?!
Cas: Dean, she ran up to her room and said that you're still mad at her.
Dean: I'm not mad at her.
Cas: Well she thinks you are. what exactly happened?
Dean told Cas about you running away and them finding you. He also went on about you getting into trouble on your first day of school.
Cas: Dean, she feels like you're angry with her.
Dean: I'm not though. Look I'll talk to her when we get back.

Cas: Alright. I'll watch over Y/n.
Dean: Thanks Cas.
Cas then hangs up the phone and he goes to check on you. He saw you with one of Dean's shirts.
Cas: Y/n?
You: I miss Dean.
Cas then walks over to your bed and he sits on it.
Cas: Do you want me to stay with you?
You: If you want.
Cas then lays down, you lay beside him. You lay your forehead against Cas' chest, you were taking in his scent. You then fall asleep.
Cas pulls the blanket over you, he could see why Dean and Sam loved you, especially Dean.

A few hours later, Dean and Sam arrive to the bunker, Cas was in the library.
Dean: Cas?
Cas: Go check on y/n.
Dean then walks to your room and he sees you holding on of his shirts.
Dean smiles.
You weren't having a nightmare for once, you were just sleeping. No dreams, nothing.
Dean then walks over to you and he kisses your forehead.
Dean: Sleep tight baby girl.

Dean then walks out of your room and he closes your bedroom door quietly.
Dean then goes to his room, he looks at your bedroom door. He then walks back to your room, he opens your bedroom door and he walks into your room.
Dean then gently shakes you.
You open your eyes.
Dean: Hey baby girl. *smiles*
You: Dean!
You then sit up and you hug Dean.
Dean: Missed me?
You: Yes.
Dean: I missed you too baby girl. Now Cas told me that you think I'm mad at you.
You: You are though.
Dean: I'm not mad at you silly.
You: Then how come you wouldn't let me help you and Sammy?
Dean: I didn't want you to struggle and get mad. Cas said that you were reading when we were away.
You nod your head.
Dean: Y/n, don't worry. Sam, Cas and I will help you. I promise.
You smile at Dean and he smiles at you.
Dean: Now, time for you to go back to sleep.
You: But I want to play.
Dean: Maybe tomorrow. Okay?
You: Okay.
Dean then kisses your cheek.
Dean: Night baby girl.
You then hug Dean again. Dean hugs you as well.
You: I love you Dean.
Dean: I love you too y/n.
You then let your arms droop around Dean's neck, he knew you were falling back asleep. Dean then lays you down and he tucks you in.
Dean: Sweet dreams.
You: night daddy.
You then fall asleep and Dean smiles at you.
Dean: Goodnight baby girl.

Dean then walks out of your room, he closes your door again and he was happy.
Sam: Why are you so happy?
Dean: Y/n, called me daddy. I know I'm not her biological father, but she looks up to me.
Sam: Yeah, she looks at you, like the way I used to look at you when we were kids.
Dean then smiles.
Dean: Sam.
Sam: What?
Dean: I'm going to make sure that nothing happens to my little girl. I'm not losing her and she's not losing me.

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