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Bahja's P.O.V

Angel Bee - No ! Bahja ! *brings up a vision of Prod & me the night he left* look at him! Look at the way he looks you in the eyes! He loves you! Come with me so I can bring you back to him!

Baddie Bee - There's plenty of dick where were going , sorry.

Angel Bee - Who cares! She wants love! Real love! Bahja come on ! Follow your heart not your WHOREmones

I did as was told . I joined Angel Bee & watch Baddie Bee roll her eyes . I hope I was making the right choice ..

End Of p.o.v

Breaunna's P.O.V

I rock back and forth . I couldn't stay still . Prince wrapped around everything in my emotions. Even when he's dead he controls me . I get up and start walking around the hospital to gets hit off my mind . I suddenly past a door and hear grunts & moans .. I paused and listened closely .. It was Ray in there ! I couldn't stop laughing . I laughed so hard that I feel through the door and landed on the ground . When I look up I see Ray with his pants down and Nique .. Let's not even go there . I got up quickly and ran . I didnt know where the hell I was running to but it had to be ten times as better as what I saw .. I thought she was over him!

Bahja's P.O.V

A white flash appears before me and now I opene my eyes slowly . My eyes were blurrier than my thoughts . I couldn't hear a thing which had my worried . Everybody came in with smiles jumping around . All I saw was happiness but not a sound came to my ear .. Since everyone seemed so happy I decided to play it off . Prod came up to me and kissed me . He said something but I had to make out the words! His lips moved so fast ! And they were so .. Perfect .. AYE! BAHJA! CONTROL YOUR WHOREMONES DAMMIT!

I sweated like a cow in McDonalds . I was deaf ..

Prince's P.O.V

I pinched my eyes together . Blinked and Squinted still nothing . I heard everyone very cheerful in the room but I couldn't see a thing . What the fuck ! I screamed .

I CAN'T SEE SHIT! What the fuck is going on here !

I heard Bahja say Hey Prince . So I said Hey back .. Then no respond .. Like a idiot I screamed her name since I couldn't see shit but Kony's Dick! This was like Sherman's Ave . Except no one turned out gay ..

The doctor then came in and announced that Bahja was deaf and that I was blind temporarily for the week . Well you don't say? AH DUH shitface I'm blind , Or else I woulda saw your ass .. He continued .

But visiting hours are over . You guys can pick them up tommorow .

I sighed . Great . A day with Bahja . The B . -.- .. SPLENDID . No sugar applied -,- ..

- Later on that night -

??? - *moans* Ugh damn Papi! More ! More

Prince - *goes rough and groans* Fuck! *starts banging ???*

??? - Oh YES! YESS!! OH GOD YES!

- Morning Time -

-A's P.O.V-

Tick , Tock , Tick , Tock .

Right Hand , Left Hand

From The Old Hourglass Clock

Pours out the old hourglass sand .

And when time runs out ,

So will your lives .

Your Pretty Little Bitches ,


- A

I sharpened the knives and sang the jingle over & over .. Again ..