Imagine~Harry Styles

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Imagine you bought tickets to One Direction's 'Take Me Home' concert.You wanted to surprise your boyfriend Harry. You were in your backstage when you saw Liam with Danielle. When Danielle spotted you she ran over and gave you a big hug. "OMG, what are you doing here y/n"? she asked. "Well in here just to surprise Harry" you said happily. "Well I know he will be happy to see you"Liam said proudly. "It's time for One Direction to get on stage" the announcer said loudly. "Well it was nice talking to you y/n, I won't tell Harry your here,me and the boys will handle it" Liam said nicely. "Ok well you better get onstage,do well and thanks"you said happily.When Liam left, you went backstage with Danielle and Eleanor. "Harry will be so happy to see you here because he talks about you nonstop and the boys always teases him and everything" Eleanor said jokingly. After about 1 hour, we heard the boys walking back from the stage. "Well it's time for us to get out because something might happen in here" Danielle and Eleanor said will laughing. When Harry reached to open the door Liam stopped him and said "There's a special surprise in there for you, so we will catch up with you at the signing's". "Umm...ok well c ya" Harry said confusingly. When Harry opened the door he just stood there looking at you in shock. There was a moment of silence then you just ran up to him and gave him a huge hug. "I missed you so much" you said about to cry. "Wh...What are you doing here I was going to home tonight and surprise you" he said confused. "Well I just missed you so much and I couldn't wait until- wait you were going to come home tonight"? You asked confused. "Yes baby I wanted to surprise you since it's almost your birthday" "Well at least we are together babe, I love you Styles" I said sweetly. "I love you to y/n forever" Then he kissed you passionately and went out to the signing's while holding hands.

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