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Whoa. That one syllable repeated in my head sums up my feelings perfectly. Usually I don’t pay half a mind to guys, but this one. Whoa. I stared at the Greek God from across the gym. He was doing push up with a little clap in between. I lost count of how many he had done, lost in the sight of his abs. I was so mesmerised, I didn’t realise that I had stopped using the dumbbells in my hands. I tried not to seem like a creepy pedo but I couldn’t help it. It was like a car accident, you just had to look. After a million years of that, he walked over to the treadmill. Not just any treadmill, but my treadmill. I checked my watch. This is when I have to use it as well. My OCD behaviours started picking at the rational side of my brain. Why don’t I just use a different one? I froze when I realised he was looking right at me. He caught me starring. He grinned at me I had a tiny smile on my face as well. What? School hadn’t even started and I have already broken my pact! No distractions! And this boy was proving a very difficult distraction to my coherency. He was still looking at me so I took a deep breath and turned to put my dumbbells away. When I turned back, he was talking to his friend beside him. The next thing I know, they are both starring at me. Great. This will be harder with the two of them. I march my way across the gym; projecting confidence…well I hoped I did. As I got closer I got to appreciate the finer details. He had two moles, one on either side of his face that made me melt. I almost tripped in someone doing yoga. I admired his silky brown longish brown hair. I had no more time for evaluation, as I was standing right in front of him. He stopped the machine and lent on the side, barely working up a sweat. I tried not to gawk and the muscles flexing in his arm. He had to be way older than me because no guy my age would be that ripped. His sexy exterior matched his sexy voice.

‘Hey. I’m Leo. You don’t waste your time do you?’ he said smiling at me. His smile seemed a little cheeky but mostly genuine.  His expression grew strange. I didn’t know what to make of it until I realised that I hadn’t answered him. I quickly stutter something that I hope is in the general direction of my thoughts.

‘What do you mean?’ Where had my unfaltering confidence run off 

‘Well, you have been staring at me for the past ten minutes’ Leo says like its obvious, because it is.

‘Whoa slow down hot stuff. I have been waiting for you to be finished with my treadmill. Its 2:45. I am supposed to use this treadmill at 2:30. That means I am 15 minutes late. Do you know what that means?’

‘Your embracing your OCD nature?’ he says and try’s to hold in laughter. I feel like he’s laughing at me, but I join in anyway. NB:: If you didn’t know, OCD stands for obsessive compulsive disorder*

 ‘So, what’s your name?’

I bit my lip. I don’t even know this guy. Maybe I should tell him a fake name? That’s just weird. It’s not like I will ever be seeing him again anyway. Just as I was about to tell him he says,

‘Okay. How about a hint?’ I can tell he is flirting now.

I purse my lips in thought. I decide to give him the most obvious hint.

‘My name starts with an R and is more commonly known as a red gemstone’

He drums his fingers on the treadmill in thought. Finally he says

‘Okay. I just have one little question. What is a gem stone?’ I hold back my giggles. How does this guy seriously not know what a gemstone is. I roll my eyes as I check my phone’s clock. His raises his eyebrows as he sees where I pull out my phone from. I ignore it and say,

 ‘Well, you have already waisted 20 minutes of my glamorous life. I have to go. Thanks for stealing my treadmill by the way.’

He squints and playfully studies the equipment. ‘Funny. I don’t see your name on here anywhere. Well, unless you name is Xtreme Fitness? I’m pretty sure that’s not a gemstone.’ So hot stuff had a sense of humour. ‘Will I see you again soon?’ he asked hopefully.

I was about to ask for his number when I heard and irritating voice in my head chastise “NO DISTRACTIONS!”. My plan was already annoying me. I decide to answer by giving nothing away of my intentions.

‘You’ll have to wait and see!’ I say in a singsong voice. I turn my back on him. I try to prolong the moment by adding, ‘you should really Google it by the way. Its just sad that you don’t know what a gemstone is’ I wink at him with my usual courage which is beginning to show it’s face. He smiles back and replies by saying

‘Will do. See ya anonymous, mysterious, beautiful gemstone starting with R”.

I’m glad my back was to him otherwise he would see me blush scarlet.

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