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A month after everything that happened, Mark and Amber found themselves at the airport waiting for Natalie's flight to arrive.

"There she is." Mark spotted the woman, that he loved, first. He waved her over and Natalie's face broke into a smile when she noticed them. She had just arrived back to Seattle after a short trip to her mother's hometown, in Ireland. She needed some time off Seattle, so when she was stable enough she left. 

"Hi." Natalie hugged her daughter first. She squeezed her for few seconds before letting her go. "Let me look at you." She put her hands on Amber's cheeks. "I missed you."

"Me too." Amber said and smiled at her mother. Nothing had been the same since that day and Amber was wondering if now that Natalie was back, things would get back to normal.

"Hi." Natalie smiled at Mark when she let go of Amber. And Mark waited for a hug that it never came. The truth was that Natalie wasn't sure how to act around him, not after how things turned out. "Thank you guys for coming to pick me up."

"How was Ireland?" Mark asked her, trying to ignore that Natalie didn't greet him. They had been through a lot and losing her wasn't something he wanted to go through again. But it seemed to him that Natalie had different ideas.

"It was peaceful and relaxing, just like I needed." Natalie informed them. She needed to be away from Seattle, even if it was for a week. "Your grandmother is thinking about moving there. She says that her hometown is so much better than San Francisco."

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"Well, the next time, I'll leave you there." Meredith snapped at Derek as they walked out of the elevator. Natalie was at the corner and she spotted Derek, so she walked up to him.

She hadn't seen him a lot since both of them left the hospital. "What did you do now Shepherd?" She asked and the couple turned around to look at her.

"There she is!" Derek exclaimed and gave Natalie a quick hug. "How are you doing?"

"I am fine, I am fine." Natalie reassured him and smiled, glad to see him standing. "So what did he do?"

"Oh, Derek got arrested again." Meredith informed her attending. 


"Reckless endangerment." She added. 

"Are you an idiot?" Natalie snapped at him. 

"Please." Derek rolled his eyes at both of them.

"Did he lose his license yet?" Cristina joined them as they walked towards the lobby where everyone was expecting Derek. It was his first day back. Natalie noticed that she was holding a wedding magazine and narrowed her eyes confused.

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