Chapter 21

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"Why would they think I have the mortal cup?" Tessa paced around the room, Raphael, Luke, Jace, Alec, Izzy, and Clary were sitting on the couch. "And why are the werewolves so interested in the cup."

"Because Downworlders are half-demons," Jace replied with a gentle smile, trying to relax the brunette. "But they're dead now, so you're safe."

"Why did they think I have it? I didn't even know what it was until a few months ago," Tessa groaned. 

"I really don't know," Alec sighed. 

"They kidnapped me as well, the New York's pack," Clary said. "I just don't get why they want you."

"Okay, this may be a long shot," Isabelle started. "But do you have any memories of when you were small? Anything?"

Tessa held her head in her hands as she wracked her brain. She could remember her seventh birthday party with her dad, but nothing before that.

"Nothing before I was seven," she muttered. "Y-you don't think-."

"That your memories are gone as well," Jace sighed, "Yup."

"So what? There's a chance that my dad also knew where the cup is?"

"Maybe, yeah," Alec replied. 

"I'm going to call Magnus," Jace announced getting up from the couch.

Tessa groaned as she plopped down on the couch, laying her head on Isabelle's lap as she played with her hair. Clary rolled her eyes at the pair and walked to Jace who was frustratingly talking to the warlock, placing a hand on his shoulder which he shrugged off.

"Mamma," She heard James' voice. Caroline walked in the room with a fidgeting James who was holding his hands out.

"Hey baby," Tessa got up from the couch to take him from her. "Are you hungry sweetie?"

He shook his head making her frown. "Are you sure?"

"Wes momma," he yawned, "I tiwed."

"You're tired? Already?" She glanced at Caroline who was frowning at her. He did look a little pale. 

She placed a hand on his forehead to see that it was burning. "He has a fever," she whispered to Caroline. 

"I'll call the doctor, you be with him," the blonde replied.

"Okay baby," Tessa cooed, bouncing him up and down, "Let's get you to bed, then."


"This is the third time he's crying in the past hour," Tessa cried, a tear flowing down her cheek making Caroline smile sympathetically at her. "Where's Aaron? I can't do this."

"He was at the Mikaelsons'. They're coming here as soon as they can."


"Well, Klaus and Elijah sorta heard you crying and screaming like a maniac and got worried. And Rebekah demanded that as his godmother she doesn't need permission to come her."

"Momma," James cried. "Tummy huwts."

"I know baby, I know. The doctor will be here soon. You're going to be okay, I'm here. Mommy's here."

"Where is h-," Aaron yelled as he ran into the room, the Mikaelsons behind him. 

"What happened?" He whispered as he took their son in his arms, holding him with one hand and wiping Tessa's tears with the other. "It's okay Ris. He's okay, sweetheart."

"H-he is crying s-so much and I-."

"It's okay," he cupped her cheeks. Klaus frowned at the contact and sped outside, followed by Elijah. 

"He's going to be okay write," she sniffled as she placed her head on his shoulder, his hand stroking her hair softly.

"Yes, he is. I promise."


A/N - I'm sorry that it's so short. My exams just got over and I'm going through some sort of writer's block. 

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