Chapter 4: Somebody's Jealous~

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Chapter 4:

"I think you added the perfect amount of salt." Morgeade said as he finished licking Sunako's finger. "You want to taste? Here." Morgeade stuck his own finger in the pot and put it to her lips.

Sunako snapped back into reality. "Wha-what are you doing?" Morgeade moved close towards Sunako's face.

"I'm just admiring you. You can hardly blame me for being awestruck by your beauty," Morgeade stated simply; like it was a fact.

Yep. Another half gallon of blood wasted because of him. One hand cupping her face, he leaned in to kiss a frozen Sunako on the lips, but at last minute switched to her cheek. "I'll save your lips for after our first date."

Ugh! Some people could hear him! Like the one in the dining room, impatiently waiting for food. "Sunako! When will the food be ready?" Well that brought her out from her happy place. The jerk wanted food, how unusual (note the sarcasm).

"It'll be ready in a minute you insufferable bright creature!"

Morgeade couldn't contain his smile. At least he knew now that he wouldn't have to worry about her relationship with that guy. Earlier he saw a woman coming out of Ranmaru's room; Noi had stayed over last night in a room with Takenega; and Yuki had been talking to his girlfriend all morning. So, the only guy he worried about was Kyouhei. Well, with the way she acts towards him, not anymore.

They brought the food into the dining room where everyone else quickly congregated at the smell of it.

"Wow! This is really good, Morgeade and Sunako!" Noi complimented. Everyone else nodded their heads in agreement...well, almost everyone.

"I like your usual food better, Sunako," argued Kyouhei. He glared at Morgeade for a minute or two before returning to his plate.

'Well, I guess that I might have to worry about Kyouhei after all,' was a fleeting thought that Morgeade had until he saw Sunako glaring at him. 'Huh. I guess he likes her but she doesn't like him. Foolish, boy. She'll be taken.'

After breakfast was finished, everyone went their separate ways, leaving Kyouhei, Sunako, and Morgeade still in the dining room together. "Well, I guess I'm gonna go home and change my clothes. Can I have your number, Sunako? I'd like to see you again and trade recipes. Also, I'd like to take you out sometime."

As soon as this was said, Kyouhei's head snapped up and Sunako had creases of confusion marking her face. Then a dawn of understanding broke through to her.

"Yeah, sure! It'd be fun to go and see other restaurants for ideas on recipes! Good thinkin', Morgeade." Sunako quickly grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil and scrawled out her cell number. "Here."

She handed her the paper over to a bewildered Morgeade. Thinking for a moment, he smiled and took the paper, making sure he touched her hand. Well, he could flirt on the dates so she would know that it was a date. Yep. He'd do exactly that.

"Do you mind if I go, too? I was wanting to try some foreign food lately," asked Kyouhei, startling everyone.

Morgeade threw him an annoyed as hell glance which Kyouhei just ignored, staring at Sunako.

"Well, I guess that'd be fine. Just don't be too bright, stupid bright creature!"

After that little escapade, Morgeade was shown to the door by Sunako and he bent down and gave her a kiss on the cheek...AGAIN! Oh, and Kyouhei stood watching angrily from a few feet away.

"Alright. BYE!" Kyouhei shouted as he slammed the door in the face of Morgeade. He looked to Sunako and she was BLUSHING AGAIN BECAUSE THAT STUUUUUUPID FORIEGNER! WHY CAN'T HE JUST GO BACK TO HIS OWN COUNTRY?

End of chapter 4! Yes! Finally got back to it! I hoped y'all liked it. Please comment and tell me who you think should get Sunako.

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