Chapter 19

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Cas walks to the library.
Dean: Heh Cas. We didn't pray for you.
Cas: It's fine Dean.
Sam: What's going on Cas?
Cas: There's a case. It's in Connecticut.
Dean then looks at your room.
Dean: Cas, we have a situation.
Cas: I know about y/n Dean.
Dean: You do?
Cas: I just met her. She's nice.
Dean: We need someone to watch her.
Cas: I could watch her.

Dean, Sam and Cas go up to your room. They went to see what you were doing. You were putting your clothes away,you were dancing around. You were a pretty good dancer, you did the splits, you then do a great 360 spin. You then do the moonwalk.
Cas: What is she doing Dean?
You then see Dean, Sam and Cas. You then slip on a sock. You fall onto your butt.
Dean: You okay?
You: Yeah.
You then stand up.
You: What is it?
Dean: Y/n, Sam and I have to go to Connecticut for a few days and...
You: And I can't come.
Dean looks at Sam and Cas. He knew that you couldn't come and he knew that you were upset.

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