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(pretend chuckys like 100% dead in this)

Jake, Devon, and Lexy had nothing to do. They had finally got rid of Chucky and to both boys surprise Lexy hadn't gone straight back to bullying Jake. She actually was kind once you got to know her.

They decided to put on a horror movie because as it turned out they all enjoyed the thrill of being scared. Depending on the situation of course. Lexy was the one to pick and she went with 'Nightmare on Elm street' (the original not the remake coz fuck remakes).

Lexy was sitting on the couch whilst Jake and Devon were sitting on the ground next to eachother. Jake had head resting on Devons shoulder and Devon had his arm around Jake's waist. Lexy was unaware if  the way the two boys on the ground were sitting because of how invested she was in the movie. It was like her eyes couldn't move away from the screen.

A sudden scare had them all screaming and then laughing at their reactions. Though since the scare Jake had ended up laying on Devons lap instead of just resting his head on his shoulder. It was at this time when Lexy wanted her water so she looks at the ground to see where she had left it but something else caught her eye. Jake and Devon.

"Junior get down here", she yelled up the stairs. "Ok", they all heard in reply. The boys were still in the same position when Junior finally came down the stairs. "Look", Lexy whispered pointing to Jake and Devon. "Fuck now I owe you $100", Junior sighs.

The boys look up confused by the interaction. "What did you bet on?", Jake asked slightly afraid of what it could be. "If you guys were dating", Lexy said smirking. Both boys looked at eachother and started blushing. Junior noticed how they were acting and begun laughing like an idiot. "Shut up asshole", Devon said elbowing Juniors side.

Lexy and Junior went upstairs together leaving Jake and Devon a flustered mess. "Wanna go to my room?", Jake asks. "Yeah", the shorter boy smiles.

The boys were laying down next to each other just talking when Devon pulled Jake on top of him. "You okay", Jake laughs at the sudden movement. "Yeah just wanna look at my boyfriend", Devon shyly responded. His hand traced random parts of Jake's face causing the other boy to laugh. "Can I kiss you?", Devon asked looking up at Jake. Jake nods and Devon slowly kisses him.

They pull apart and Jake is blushing hard as usual. Devon just laughs at the effect he is able to have on his curly haired boyfriend. The boys quickly fall alseep with Jake resting on Devons chest.

Junior opens the door to ask Jake what he wanted for dinner but doesn't get a word out because he sees the boys sleeping. "aww", Lexy says from behind him. "They're cute", she continues. Junior closes the door causing Devon to stir. He sits up a bit forgetting his boyfriend was on his chest which wakes him up too. "Shit sorry", he says. "Its alright, are you okay", Jake asks. "Yeah", he smiles laying down again. They fall back alseep this time without any distractions.


no sadness today mfs. 😍🤞

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