My Two Older Annoying Overprotective Brothers

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(Ella--> at the side or top)

Ella Green is not your average teenage girl. She may have the friends, the looks and the high school crush, but that's where the similarities end.

Ella suffers from a depressing past, two overprotective brothers, and is so clumsy she found a way to fall in love with not one person but three.

Ella spends all summer with the three boys trying to figure which one is the one for her, while trying to deal with her two older annoying overprotective older brothers.

This book will separate thoughts on who is better......

Caden!! - @ReneeWeelinck

Still team Kaleb all the way!!!!! He is beautiful and the kind of guy I want to end up with. Tall, caring, and an all around nice guy...☺ - @dancing_tink

Team Caden or Jacob Not Kaleb - @Pandanash14

it will make you emotional.....

Well that was very insensitive of you, ending it and making us wait like that. *tear*.....*sobs*.......*hysterical crying* - @JessRoon

Laughing way to much at that one sentence - @batman_em15

and it will change the way you look at love!


Hey everybody this is my first story! So to start, here's a little bit about me. I love to read and write although I do not always have time. I like criticism as long as it is positive.

I hope you all like this story and I will desperatly try to update every week


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