Chapter 15

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Wow! 15 already! It only took me what, two years? X.X Sorry for that. However, just because this is almost the end, does not mean it is over... I may or may not have a sequel in mind... And a side story explaining some things may or may not be sitting in some folders as we speak. :D

So, without further adieu, I present to you Turning Tides: Chapter 15!


Chapter 15

~Previously on Turning Tides...~

 "I don't have time!" he growled, cutting off the medic. Growling, he grabbed the femme's now limp form carefully and cradled her close. "Get me out of here, Knockout. Ratchet can treat her when I contact them..."

"I am afraid I cannot let that happen." came a new voice, raspy and dangerous. Beside him, the escaped prisoner drew Kitten closer to his chassis and growled at the large mech now filling the med bay's doorway, one name sliding of his glossa in a hiss.




The warlord sneered at him, feigning indifference. Beneath the casual expression lay dark threads of rage, barely but neatly covered. "Sideswipe. You're looking well, Autobot."

Sideswipe narrowed his optics darkly, gently depositing Kitten on the berth behind him. Knockout whimpered softly and huddled on the opposite side, watching the two mechs facing off before him and choosing to observe. He briefly wondered if he should contact Soundwave, but upon attempting communications he found the lines to be scrambled. He whimpered again.

Both Cybertronians circled each other, optics narrowed into small points of light. Sideswipe's servos closed around his blade, Megatron's sliding from its hiding place on his arm. Sideswipe flicked the stained sword, quickly calculating. It had been so long since he'd last fought, and he knew he was at a disadvantage, given his wounds, patched messily as they were.

Megatron knew this, of course, and he hissed softly. "Are you sure you wish to fight me in your current state, Autobot?" His pedes thumped softly over the cold floor as he paced closer, watching the front liner closely. Sideswipe's grip tightened as he crouched part way, his hydraulics hissing as he tensed.

"My. Name. Is. Sideswipe!" Sideswipe yelled the last part, springing toward Megatron with deadly intent clear in his movements and optics. Their swords crashed together with a resounding clang as they met, both fighting to overpower the other. Sideswipe ducked away first, his arms popping as he strained them.

Megatron went for his injured side. Sideswipe ducked opposite of his blow, pivoting on his right pede and thrusting out, grazing the warlord's helm. Megatron whirled at the near miss, his arm flinging out and catching him across the faceplate. Sideswipe flew back, his back hitting the wall hard. The silver front liner scrambled to his feet, ready to hit again.

Sideswipe ducked under his next blow, his fist balling and slamming into his opponent's chin. Megatron growled softly and grabbed his helm, holding him away from his body. Sideswipe flailed, scrabbling at the warlord's servos. Remembering his blade, he lurched out, piercing the mech's side.

The large silver mech howled in pain and rage, his grip loosening enough for Sideswipe to wriggle out, kicking his wrist for good measure. He darted out of the way, his sides heaving from the energy he'd expended, wincing as his wounds were aggravated. Megatron came at him with a new resolve, pelting him with jabs and attempted slashes.

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