45. Our life change

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3rd person POV
Julie and Zayn got married and are expecting a baby. Michelle and Niall also got married and are on their honeymoon. Fatima and Louis had their little baby girl Dakota Rose Tomlinson she is now 1 year old almost 2. Abby and Liam had a little boy named Logan Noel Payne. Harry and Diana are still happily together it's been their 5 month anniversary.

Fatima POV
"I can't believe that Dakota is already 2" I said to Louis as I got her ready. We bathed her and then dresses her. She was wearing some leopard legging with a stripped shirt. I put Dakota hair into a curly ponytail.
"Can you watch her while I shower?" I asked Lou. He nodded and smiled at me "of course beautiful" I smiled and walked into the bathroom. Once I was done showering I curled my hair and twisted a piece back in each side. I walked inside the closet and pulled on a tribal skirt and grey loose shirt. I slid on black wedges and applied some makeup. "I can watch them now" I said ruffling Lou's hair. He jumped up and hurried to the bathroom. I sat next to Dakota and tickled her. I took my phone out and recorded her. I like to keep Louis's fans included in our lives.
"Mommy" she says in a cute voice
Louis came into the room dressed. I smiled at him as he helped me up. We had already decorated for the party and were expecting everyone. Louis insisted on putting balloons everywhere, I finally gave in and helped him blow them up. I took party hat and put it on Dakota, Louis, and myself.
"That looks good on you" Louis said as he put the hat on his head.
"Oh I know right!" I said looking at him as he started laughing. There was a knock at the door. I walked to the door and opened it to reveal Abby, Liam, and Logan who is one year old. "Hi" I greeted, hugging both them. Then Harry and Diana walk in. They walked in and Dakota immediately ran over to Harry
"Howwyy" she squealed as he picked her up and kissed her cheek. She was very close with all her uncles and aunts. Soon Michelle, Niall, Julie, Zayn, Lou, Tom, and Lux and some of louis family. We all talked while watching the kids play.
"Just think soon you guys will get to experience this!" I said to Michelle and Julie.

Soon after cutting the cake and opening presents Dakota, Logan and Lux fell asleep. Louis's family left but everyone else stayed. We all watched movies and talked and just acted stupid. I checked on the kids one last time before we fell asleep late.

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