Chapter 20

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"Stop, stop

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"Stop, stop. No no no no no," Caroline's screams could be heard from outside the Salvatore house making Tessa, the Mikaelsons, Salvatores, Aaron, and the Cuthberts chuckle.

"Let's go inside before Care kills our son," Aaron chuckled wrapping his arm around her waist making the other vampires glare at it. 

Tessa giggled before walking in. Her eyes widened and she burst into laughter making everyone in the room smile at her.

Caroline was holding James at arm's length while both of them were covered in orange juice.

"Aw my baby," Tessa cooed walking to take James from the blonde. "My little, fluffy, teddy bear."

She held him tightly, hugging him, not caring about the orange juice staining her bloodied clothes. 

James giggled as she kissed his cheeks, "Did you trouble Aunty Caroline and Elena? You did, didn't you? Yes, you did, yes you did. Mommy's so proud," she laughed making Caroline glare and pout at her. 

"Momma," James giggled making everyone coo at him. "Momma, tired," he yawned making her chuckle. 

"Here," Aaron offered, taking him from her, "I'll clean him up. Go rest. And get that blood off of you, you look like Carrie."

"Tessa, you're back," Elena yelled from the stairs. She ran downstairs to hug her, tears flowing down her cheeks.

"I was so scared," she sobbed making Tessa's heart clench. The slightly shorter brunette wrapped her arms around her crying best friend.

"I'm okay Lena," she said as she pulled away. She sighed as she looked down at her clothes, still stained with blood which she passed onto Elena's clothes through the hug.

"I'm gonna go wash up," she sighed. 


A small smile graced Tessa's lips as she watched Rebekah look at James sleeping in his crib. 

"Hey," she said softly as she walked over to the original and sat beside her. 

"I'm sorry," Rebekah blurted out getting up, "I-I'll leave."

"Don't," Tessa gently grabbed her wrist. "Sit. Please."

Rebekah slowly sat down, looking at the brunette suspiciously but she had already shifted her eyes back to her son.

"How are you?" Rebekah started, "Getting tortured must not be a very thrilling experience."

"It wasn't. But I'll be fine," Tessa smiled, easing the blonde's nerves. 

"My brothers have taken quite a liking to you," she mused making a blush cover Tessa's cheeks.

"Well Niklaus did gift me a dress that I'm pretty sure belonged to a princess," Tessa smiled as she used her hair to cover her blush. 

"Ah yes," Rebekah smirked, "He said that it belonged to a princess almost as beautiful as you."

"I heard you had a thing with Steffie," Tessa said looking at her, desperate to change the topic.

"Yes, in the 1920s." It was now the original's turn to blush.

"You'd have been such a great couple," she exclaimed. "I mean you both look gorgeous."

"Huh?" Rebekah asked shocked.

"What?" Tessa shrugged, "I may be Lena's best friend but I'm not blind. You'd be adorable."

Rebekah just laughed as she started playing with Jame's tiny hands.

"He doesn't have a godmother yet, ya know," Tessa said nervously after a few minutes. "Aaron already chose Damon as the godfather, but I didn't choose a godmother yet. Care and Lena have been fighting about it."

"Caroline would be a great godmother," Rebekah said.

"I know," Tessa nodded with a frown. "But I already have someone else in mind."

Rebekah turned to the brunette to see her looking at her with hope in her eyes. "Me?"

"Yes," Tessa squeaked out.

"You want me to be your son's godmother?"

"Yes. Look I know we've only spoken to each other a couple of times. But," she sighed. "I want my son to have a godmother that will love him just as fiercely as I do. Someone who will protect him with her life and more. And I can't think of anymore better."

"I-," Rebekah choked out as tears filled her eyes. Her arms wrapped around the half-angels as she sobbed out 'thank yous.'

Tessa smiled as she tightened her grip on the crying blonde, her eyes drifted to her sleeping son and she sighed. 

She knew she had made the right decision. There was no one better for him than Rebekah.


A/N - Bekah and Damy as the godparents? What were Tessa and Aaron thinking? Oh my god, there is going to be a lot of drama coming soon. xoxo

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