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𝐗𝐗𝐕𝐈: 𝐏𝐮𝐫𝐫 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐌𝐞

I groaned as I tried to think of something that Sae-byeok would enjoy. It wasn't like I didn't know anything about my girlfriend and what she liked, it was just doubt over flowing my senses.

I felt like she was always organising cute things for us to do together a lot more than I was, and it made me feel like I was lacking in our relationship, not putting in 100%.

I pondered over possible ideas. I didn't want to do something with a crowd that could possibly make her uncomfortable, but I also wanted to do something fun and enjoyable.

Organising dates were so difficult.

I thought for a while longer, and felt my whole body relax with relief when I distinctively remembered Sae-byeok mentioning how cool she though those cat cafes were.

"They seem so cool, but I wouldn't have the time to go to one."

I quickly jumped up from my spot on the couch, rummaging around the room for my phone, until I finally found it, pulling up a local cat cafes website and dialling the number and booking in a session for the two of us.

◯ △ ▢

"Can I take this blindfold off now?" The pouring girl whined and I laughed slightly as I guided her through the streets. I was so excited for our date, and even more excited to see Sae-byeok's reaction, if only she moved faster.

"No, no!" I reprimanded, hearing her groan lowly. "It's not a surprise unless you're blindfolded." I reasoned with her.

I nearly felt my heart burst out of my chest out of pure excitement as I saw the large building with the words "Cat Cafe," splayed in front of it.

I started to drag her a bit faster, ignoring her whines of protest. "Are we nearly there yet?" She asked just as I pushed open the glass door, a small bell ringing indication our arrival.

I went up behind her to undo the blindfold, laughing under my breath. "You are a very impatient girl." I stated.

Once the blindfold was off, she slowly peeled her eyes open, hissing at the bright lights. I left her side for a moment to speak to the lady working at the front who directed me to where the cats were before returning back to Sae-byeok.

I could tell she was very confused, by the way her eye brows creased when she scanned the room covered in cat decor and cute cat accessories that I'd be sure to buy on our way out.

"Where are we?" She looked down at me with a frown and I sent her a large grin, ignoring her fairly solemn face.

"A cat cafe, duh." I said a matter of factly as I dragged Sae-byeok's hand to where the lady directed me. We both slipped through another glass door and I felt my heart swell as I was faced with several cats roaming the room.

It was silent for a moment as I turned to look at Sae-byeok. Her mouth was slightly agape, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't proud of the reaction I was able to coerce out of her.

"You motherfucker." Was all she said before pulling me into a hug, and kissing my forehead several times, which surprised me seeing she wasn't a fan of PDA.

"You really thought this through didn't you?" She pulled away from me, smiling down at me and I nodded my head. If this is all it took to get such a big smile out of her, I'd have to visit this cat cafe more often.

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