Sleeplists And Advice On Insomnia Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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This is a second volume of a book I have written with sleep strategies.

Say these alphabetical fish to yourself and you will feel more and more sleepy

A is for anchovy

B is for bream

C is for catfish

D is for Dogfish

E is for Espetida

F is for fish

G is for goldfish

H is for hake

I is for Indian fish

J is for Japanese fish

K is for K fish

L is for lemon fish

J is for jungle fish

K is for koi carp

L is for lionfish

M is for monkfish

Buy yourself one of those nice teddies that you can warm up, but ask mummy and daddy to do it. You can read before you go to bed, but remember that you have to get up for school, work, walking the dog in the morning.

Find a good book to read, that will make you relax and forget about your day.

Go out and take lots if pictures if fields and seascape, then visualise them before you sleep to relax.

Moisturise your hands, arms and elbows before you sleep, to relax your tired writing and typing arms, and rub peppermint foot cream on your feet.

Do not use your IPad for twenty minutes before you go to bed.

Blow all the bad feelings away with your mouth.

Hold out your hands and remember something good that you have done today.

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