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Swtcrnisthbst requested this <3


also saw people putting warnings for cussing, so- warning 😟

just in case;

male name ▸▸ [m/n]

nickname ▸▸ [n/n]

hair color ▸▸ [h/c]

author's note ▸▸ [a/n]

No stone AU

Summary : ̗̀➛ [m/n] "breaks" into senku's house.

─── ∙ ~εïз~ ∙ ───





"the number you have-"


"I'm gonna cry if he doesn't pick up this time," [m/n] said as he pressed the call button, again, on senku's contact.

the [h/c] haired male was trying to call his best friend, senku ishigami. he was walking around in his neighborhood and wanted to hang out for a while, but his parents didn't like senku's father so much, for whatever reason. it upset you since you didn't have many great friends, being shy and anxious 24/7.

the ringing on his phone was replaced by lots of shuffling noises, making [m/n] smile. "it better be important, i had to stop everything i was doing just to answer," senku said with his usual 'what the fuck' voice.

"no need to sound so bitchy, ku," he teased as he stopped in his tracks, right in front of senku's house. he quietly started rounding to the back of the house. instead of a door right in front of him, he started walking down a flight of stairs which led to the backdoor, and into the basement.

"anyways, i hope it was worth it 'cause I'm at your back door."


"i beg your pardon?"

stifling a chuckle, [m/n] knocked on the back door a few times. "okay, so you weren't kidding," senku said.

"of course not, now let me in." he heard more shuffling, both from the phone and behind the door. he hung up the phone call and waited for his friend.

the door swung open, which almost hit [m/n] in the face, revealing a dirty senku. he had on his white lab coat, which was covered in a black substance, an equally dirty white shirt, and a pair of sweatpants. even his face and hands had some mysterious smudge on them. he honestly looked like a mess.

"the hell happened to you?" [m/n] said as he walked in cautiously, his eyes never leaving senku's dirty clothes and skin.

"small explosion, but it's fine. i accidentally grabbed the wrong test tube and didn't check it before pouring it into the beaker," he said as he closed the door, taking off his coat.

"what? senku, you in there? who are you and what have you done with him?" [m/n] jokingly asked as he walked into the main part of the basement ( [a/n] like a living room area? idk- ).

"they were right next to each other, calm down," senku said, watching the [taller/shorter] walk behind the couch and towards the fridge.

"can you get me a glass? i don't want your dad knowing that i'm here," [m/n] said as he pulled out a carton of chocolate milk.

senku sighed, though chuckling at his friends' antics. "there're some on top of the fridge," he said as he grabbed the remote to the t.v., turning onto [m/n]'s favorite [show/movie].

"the fact that i almost grabbed some chemicals instead of a glass almost made me think that you were lyin' to me," [m/n] joked as he carefully sat down on the couch, patting the spot next to him. "c'mon, you may be dirty, but watching this, i won't have to look at 'ya."

with a small smile and an imaginary irk mark on his face, senku sat down next to the [h/c] haired male.

┊┊ .𓆟 ͎. 。˚ °

by the end of the movie, [m/n] had kind of fallen asleep on the other male. senku, being the smartest and most trusted guy around, unlocked [m/n]'s phone and texted his parents that he was going to sleepover at a friend's house. luckily, his parents were fairly laid back, so this was kind of normal.

carefully getting up, senku went to pull out a pillow and a blanket from the other room to make the male more comfortable. slowly lifting [m/n]'s head, he placed the pillow in a position he thought would be comfy.

after he had drifted the blanket onto him, senku smiled as he patted [m/n]'s head.

"goodnight [n/n],"


727 words

first of all, this actually happened with me LMAO- me 'n my bestie wanted to hang out but their parents don't like me, so i consensually broke in (cause they let me in, so-)

i'm not a criminal 🥲

and second of all, wanna apologize to the requester since this took so long </3

i hope you liked it :]

have a good 24 hours 😸

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