Turning My Failure Into Success (ESSAY)

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Everyone has encountered failures and successes in lives but why are we blaming God if we encounter failure? Do you blame Him if you encounter success? Of course not. We always keep asking ourselves "Why me? Why am I a failure? What did I do wrong?" It seems like failure become hindrance in continuing your gorgeous life but how can we turn failure into success?

In this world, people experience success and failure in life. It is a reality that is needed to be accepted in order to be prepared in facing the world. Making you realize that our life is full of fantastic mysteries and life is boring without success and failure. Failure can be found in the four corners of the world anytime and anywhere. it may also attack you, whether you like it or not. You can experience it which can make your life really miserable but you need to be tough and ready to face it when you are in a downfall. Facing it will help you a lot in surviving those failures and do not forget to pray and talk to God for giving you an opportunity to become a stronger and better person. Failure acts as a door to open the next chapters of your life. I believe that turning the next page of the book helps to continue your life rather than closing it, do nothing and escape away from it. Just believe in yourself that no matter what happens God is willing to help you and He is always with you, think win-win.

Also, failure gives knowledge and it also educates us. It teaches us on how to be burly. We may cry on one's shoulder and we can share our problems with them and also we promise to them that we will fight and stand up. Failure motivates us to pursue our dreams, when we fail to get high grades, we are more determined to study well because of the failure that we already encountered. It is also a fact that we can make failure as a growing experience. Even a seemingly definitive failure can prompt fresh thinking, a change in direction. Failure makes one free to take risks because there's less to lose. Often it brings a resurgence of energy, an awareness of new possibilities.

What seems like failure now may later prove beneficial. We often assume that everyone is either a success or a failure. The truth is that infinitive degrees of both are possible. God gives a trial for us to become burly, it is a not a hindrance in our success because we can turn failure into success if we want to.

Turning My Failure Into Success (ESSAY)
Huling update: Jan 27, 2013
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