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"Mom, you've been in there for hours. I need to pee." Amber banged at the door of the bathroom that morning. 

"One minute." Natalie called out and a second later she hugged the toilet and threw up. 

"Are you okay?" Amber asked still standing outside of the door. She made a face when the reply she got was more vomiting. 

"Yeah, so okay that I decided that throwing up my guts would be fun." Natalie said sarcastically when she was done. She was a little bit moody that morning.

"No need to snap at me, because you're moody. I am sorry I care." Amber snapped back.

Natalie didn't reply to her, she only got up from the floor when she was done vomiting. She looked herself in the mirror and the whole truth was there. The truth that she was not going to be alone for the next nine months, but there was a small baby inside of her, waiting to meet the world. Natalie had no doubt that the baby was Mark's. It wasn't like she had actually slept with that guy she had gone two dates with. Mark was the last person she had slept with. Mark was the last person that had touched her and loved her. 

The pregnancy symptoms were something she was very familiar with, so it didn't take her long to take the test, which was positive. She hadn't yet decided how she was feeling about all that. She hated that she got pregnant again without actually trying to get pregnant. And she was worried about how Amber was going to react. Or how Mark was going to take it. She was thinking about everyone else so much, that she hadn't taken a minute to have her feelings. 

 She opened the door and gave her daughter an exhausted look. "The bathroom is all yours."

"Are you coming down with the flu?" Amber asked worried when she saw the way she looked. Pale, tired, almost like a ghost. "I'll make some soup and bring it over later." Amber suggested.

"It's fine honey. I'll be fine soon. It was always like that when I-" Natalie stopped mid sentence, as she realised what she was going to say. And she wasn't ready to share this with anyone. "When I am stressed. I have this big surgery today and... you know."

Amber acted like she believed her. "I'm still bringing you soup though. Plus it's Saturday and I want to drive around with my brand new car." 

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When Natalie entered the hospital, she could sense that something was off for some reason she couldn't quite understand. But she didn't think about it much, knowing how weird pregnancy hormones could make you act.

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