twenty four - louis

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twenty four – louis

Louis should have realized that the worst was yet to come.

            The morning had been a bit too perfect to begin with; he had woken up with Harry curled over his limp body, vanilla-scented curls tickling his neck. When he looked to the side, he saw Timmy sleeping peacefully inside his cage. Everything was in place. Everything was perfect, like a dollhouse, made out of porcelain furniture and porcelain dolls. But porcelain becomes too fragile after it falls a few times.

            “Have you considered continuing with us for our next tour?” Liam asked the same day later as they walked through the tents. The sun was shining, birds were chirping; a cold, refreshing breeze hit gently Louis’ eyes and made them teary.

            “Definitely,” Louis agreed with a smiling nod. Despite the three murders that had happened during his stay, Louis had met so many important people of the elite class that he never thought he would ever encounter, and was able to do what he loved most every night – whether that was performing as a snake charmer or love-making with Harry. Which, yeah.

            Harry was another huge spectrum of life, the biggest one probably. Harry was the sun, the moon and stars, the chasm beyond the undiscovered parts of the world that human nature had yet to conquer. Harry was the fire he never knew he needed in his life, because he loved him so much, that, at times, he thought he was going to burst.

            “I’m really glad you are,” Liam spoke again as the two men continued to stroll through the campus, mindlessly heading towards the main stage, “Despite what, you know, what had happened during these two months, it has been a real pleasure having you performing each night. And the crowds love you, more and more people keep coming. Nobody has ever seen anything like you.”

            “I’m very glad I get to work with you.” Louis replied sincerely. They were walking through the main stage now, which was completely quiet and empty since there was not a show that night. Liam had figured that it was acceptable to let the performers rest for a night or two, after all those things that had happened and had disturbed everyone. “Did you, by any chance, figure out what might have – “

            “Nothing,” Liam sighed desperately, “Sir Zayn and I have been discussing the matter for the past weeks, and we cannot pinpoint anyone who could have done this.”

            “Have you interrogated anyone personally?”

            “No,” Liam replied, “And even if I did, why would anyone murder those people when all they did was attend our shows? I just do not – “

            “Maybe the person – or people – who committed these crimes, had a different motive, one that was not associated with the circus,” Louis suggested.

            The wrinkles on Liam’s tanned forehead revealed just how much the situation was affecting him, among other things, “Why would these murders, out of all the places in the world, happen in my circus? Why do I ought to – “

            Louis stopped walking, “Are you furious that the crimes were committed within your business or because the lives of three fairly innocent people were taken away in such a vile way?”

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