oh. (part 2)

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tw- suicide, self harm.

Devons POV
"I love you", i re-read the text several times. Something doesnt feel right. I feel sick to my stomach. Hes been acting weird for weeks. "bye dev", I remember him saying whilst hugging me at the end of the day.


My heart drops as I connect all the dots. I should've known earlier. Fuck.

Grabbing my bike I ride as fast as I can to Jake and Juniors house. Frantically I knock at the door. "Hey", Junior says opening the door. I ignore him and run up the stairs.

Jake's door is open but theres no one in there. "Is Jake here", I scream out panicking. "Yeah in the bathroom", Junior yells back.

I hear a tap running. And go to open the door but it pushes open then stops at something.

Authors POV
Devon has enough room to get around whatever was blocking the door from completely opening. "Fuck", he screams. "JUNIOR CALL 911", he yells crying. Junior runs into the bathroom hearing the yell and screams when he sees his cousin. Jake is pale. There is a puddle of blood where he's slumped over on the ground.. "No no no, please no", Devon pleads.

911 is called but it's to late. Jake was already gone. "I love you too", Devon cries as they take away the only person that's ever made him happy in a body bag. The ambulance leaves and Devon is left. Empty, heartbroken, and alone. Once again.

uh yeah theres the rest. sorry this is dark.

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