Constance And Vampire Fangirl Origin Stories

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England: 1453

The two vampires sat nearer to the back of the tavern. Not so much as to stay out of sight but because it was the only real place left to sit when they entered. The village only boasted the one tavern so that shouldn't be entirely surprising. Probably every of age male in and near the village was here, along with some of the women as well.

The younger of the two vampires tried to keep their head down, be quiet. Though they had both supped earlier the master was not in a good mood. Not like he usually was after indulging in his petty cruelty. He didn't even want to spend the day in the home of their last victims like they normally would. A young couple, newly wed, having just indulged in their marriage bed for the first and last time. While the master tortured the wife in front of the husband before both were killed he seemed happy. But moments after he was sullen again, struck the younger vampire, and insisted on leaving, setting fire to the little farm house as they left.

That had happened far enough from this village to not effect the raucous mood in the tavern, but close enough for them to get here while the place was still full of late night revelry. Though neither vampire indulged in anything more then pretending to nurse their drinks.

There was a sudden roar of a name as someone else entered the tavern. With the drunken slurring it wasn't quite easy to make out, but the younger vampire believed the name might be Constance. The roar was aimed at the woman who just entered.

The woman was short and round, built like a woman who had given birth multiple times or had the money to be idle and indulge in rich food even in times of famine. Her clothing also spoke of wealth. Or rather the material did. They were cut more in the style of a lower class woman, but the material was of a quality that spoke of money. Unlike other women, her hair, a riot of blonde curls, wasn't hidden under a hat or scarf but rather was held back with a simple silver band. It was hard to judge her age. Old enough to be a spinster, but with a youthful, full round face of a girl. Though when she smiled her eyes had multiple lines around them. The younger vampire had heard of people who had smiles "as bright as the sun" but this was the first they saw someone who fit that description.

"Well," the master hissed softly to the younger vampire, "it seems whomever lives at that fine estate has decided to intermingle with the rabble."

As if to prove the master's point, the human woman tossed not one but two bags that clinked heavily with coins on the bar before the tavern's owner.

"Richard!" She crowed. "Drinks and food for all and use whatever's left over to clear as many debts as you can! Tonight we celebrate!"

"Rid yourself of another fortune hunter then, Constance?" A man well into his cups slurred.

 "Yes! And in my most ingenious way yet!" With that Constance stood first upon a bench, then upon the table. "I am happy to announce that I will soon have a new step-mother and three young step-brothers! It seems the whelp who thought he could win my heart though he was half my age actually had good intentions! For he has an older widowed sister left with three boys to care for and a mountain of debts left by the sadistic old goat who made her life hell before drinking himself to death! And I have convinced her and my father that despite her being ten years my junior, they'd be the perfect match! He'll clear her debts, make her dead husband's land pay again, train her sons to be the heirs to his business, and all she needs to do is provide him companionship and intelligent conversation in his declining years! As I speak the banns are being posted and they're to be wed at the end of the month!"

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