Chapter 16

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Dean kept trying to wake you up. You wouldn't open your eyes. Dean was about to cry, you weren't waking up.
Dean: Y/n, i know you hear me. Wake up.

Back in your nightmare, you were still being tortured. You screamed, cried.
You were trying to wake up, but it was like you were in a coma.

Dean: Y/N!!!
You then heard Dean's voice echo in your head, then your nightmare disappeared. The witch was gone, the burning chains were gone, everything from your nightmare was gone.

You were then standing in a field, Sam and Dean were yelling your name, you yell their names. They didn't hear you. You yell their names again.

Meanwhile, Dean was still trying to wake you up. He then picks you up and he hugs you. He holds you close to him.

You: D...Dean?
Dean then looks at you and he sees you opening your eyes.
Dean: Baby girl.
Dean then hugs you tight. He was crying.
Dean: Don't you ever scare me like that again.
You then saw a glimpse of Dean who was hurting you in your nightmare. In your nightmare you notice something about Dean's eyes. They weren't his apple green eyes that you love, they were black. In your nightmare, Sam just stood and watched Dean stab you. His brown eyes were black in your nightmare as well.

You were then struggling to get out of Dean's grasp.
Dean: Y/n?
You: GET AWAY!!!
You then get out of Dean's grasp, he was looking at you with sad eyes.
Dean: Y/n?
You: You had black eyes. So did Sam and the chains burned me and...
You then faint.
Dean: Y/N!

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