Daddy's Claiming Me?

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'~And I'mma work you like a pro, baby
And, you gon' take it like one
And I'mma give it like you asked for it
Why, cuz you been talkin' 'bout it
Ooh baby when I'm done with you, why
You ain't sayin nothin'
You gon' make me show off
All the pain that you feel you can tell
That we ain't makin no love

Outside - The Weeknd

Chapter Four - Daddy's Claiming Me?

"Braxton, faster," I moaned.

It was freezing out, but I couldn't feel the freezing air. It was fucking hot to me. I was sweating because of the asshole who was currently pounding into me from the back.

"You call me Daddy whenever we're fucking." His deep, husky voice didn't make me moan loud, it was the smack to my ass and the hand that pulled my hair. I could tell Braxton was angry. He fucked me like no other. I needed to fuck older men more often if it was going to be like this. They knew what to do.

Braxton knew I was getting close when my pussy squeezed tight around him. He hissed at my tightness and called out my name. I was almost there until Braxton pulled out of me. I gasped and stood up. When I turned around, Braxton was fixing himself.

"What the fuck!" I screamed. Braxton looked down at me and smirked. I pulled down my dress so I was wasn't so exposed.

"I'm teaching you a lesson, Vera." I gulped when he stepped to me. "No other dick should be in this..." Braxton grabbed my pussy so hard I gasped, "except for my dick." He let go and turned around. I stood there with my jaw on the ground. Did Braxton just claim my pussy? That fucker didn't let me finish. I was so fucking close and he stopped. I didn't notice Braxton dragging me to his car until he said something.

"I'm taking you home. Get in the car," I looked at his car, then looked at him.

"I didn't cum." I whispered.

"Get in the car, Vera." Braxton rolled his eyes. I could give two fucks about that damn car. I wanted to fucking cum!

"You didn't let me cum!" I yelled. I was being a damn brat because I wanted a release. My pussy was about to explode. 

"Car.Now." We had a glaring contest for about ten seconds until I finally got in. Braxton slammed the door and started walking to the driver side.

"That bastard didn't let me finish..." I stared off into space.

Fuck that. I'm going to finish.

I turned to Braxton when he got into the car. Braxton barely had time to turn to me before my hand reached for his jeans. I unbuttoned and unzipped his shit so fast he didn't know what hit him.

"Ver-shit!" He hissed. I needed him ready for me. His hands went straight to my hair as I sucked him hard. Braxton was panting and hissing out curse words. I wanted to laugh, but I kept it in. I sat up when I felt like he was getting closer.

"What the fuck, Vera? Why did you stop?" He glared at me. I wasn't going to test him and be a smart ass. I needed to get my release.

"Because I want to ride your dick, Daddy." I tried my best to look and sound innocent.

"Fuck!" Braxton closed his eyes and sighed. "Come here," he whispered. I smirked and slipped my heels off. I made my over to him and positioned my entrance to his tip.

"Don't stop until I tell you to," his voice deepened. I nodded and began to slide down on his long, thick dick. My pussy gripped tight around his hard cock. My eyes almost rolled to the back of my head. Braxton was way bigger than any guy I fucked. Braxton was all man. I yelped when I felt a hard smack to my ass. I looked at Braxton as I moved my hips faster.

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