6 the third day

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by the way I keep losing track so I'm just gonna make a note and sorry if I changed it again but her hair is like a brown but almost black and Gabriels is Blonde I am gonna put a picture up, I probably changed the colour but it woun't change again!!!! real sorry!


The rest of yesterday went OK, I met up with Chris and cooked for both the guys, but I was mostly left alone, since we changed rooms every class I expected Will to sit with the others but he sat by me in every lesson, he chatted a bit at the beginning and in between lessons but he left me alone a lot, I liked that about him though. Then he walked me home, people gave us dirty looks but he didn't seem to notice. We didn't talk much.

The day after, when I woke up I had a headache. I was really early so I straightened my long hair. my computer was on, I had fallen asleep at my desk, a picture was on my screen saver, it was of me and Gabriel. oh well better add it to the box!

I decided to put a load of eyeliner on and put on dark blue skinny jeans and a dark t-shirt with some sort of skulls, roses & guns, that sort of thing on it, I guess I looked like an emo or something but to be honest I felt like I had a dark aura today, not that I'm into that stuff but I wouldn't really know how else to describe it.

I wasn't hungry again so I just started walking to school. I thought about the picture and my box. I wondered if one day someone besides me would know what was in it. I showed Gabriel once, but he died so it's not like he can think anymore, unless he's in heaven, he shouldn't go to hell. He was a good guy. So I guess if there is an afterlife then we won't meet 'cause I am so going to hell.

I have only a few pictures of us but the one I like shows him properly, I caught him unaware, you can see into his soul, there's no fake smile hiding his real self. It's one of my favourite pictures but then after he turned around and realised I took a picture he smiled and laughed, he actually smiled at me and then he tried to get the camera off me and failed, but then he fell in the fountain and got soaked and I actually laughed! I gave him my hand while I was still laughing and he pulled me in too, I don't have many memories like that, I sometimes feel like I have had all my happy memories wiped but that's not true, I just don't have a lot.

As I was just thinking to myself I noticed that Will was next to me, I was really surprised but my reaction was just to turn my head and lift my eyebrows slightly. "When did you get there?"

"Well I was actually waiting outside your house."

I lifted up my eyebrows.

"I'm not stalking you by the way, I just got up early and sat on a wall near your house scince I didn't know when you went to school, I was coming to pick you up."

"Oh, well thanks I guess." sounds like stalking.

"No problem. You ok though? You haven't realised I've been walking by you for about 10 minutes so you're either really unobservant or something's wrong." He asked concerned.

"I'm just unobservant."

"You seem pretty observant some of the time."

"It comes and goes."


I looked down a bit uncomfortable. I was probably one of the most complicated people on earth and I know that many many people have it worse, but I don't want people to get caught up in me, that and I think that it's probably just easier being a lone wolf. G was one.

"You're thinking about him aren't you?"


"That guy."

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