Chapter 45: Warning!!

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Danielle's POV:

Like I'd said it's gonna be a long night...
Ash didn't let Amy's hand go until we arrived at the pack house. He was also the one who treated her wounds...

Awwwwww!!!! I didn't know Ash was that sweet! After treating her wounds Amy fell asleep beside Ash so he pick Amy up and went to his room to lay her down.

That night Amy almost refuse to join for dinner she said that she was a bit shy and a little akward going down wearing guy clothes but good thing there are girls in the house so we let her borrow some of our clothes and told her that were are going shopping first thing in the morning.

" So why did you freak out?" Shine asked as took a bite on her pizza... Yup it's pizza night.

" Well! I was a rogue and I got scared so I freak out. " she said looking down but face us again. " my wolf sense an alpha and I thought I was dead!"

" But you didn't even smell wolf?" Brier asked confused " No one smelled or sense that you are a rogue or a wolf except for Ash!"

" Well! I cover my scent to make sure no wolf could smell me." Amy smiled

" So that's the reason why?" Ranz said taking a sip on his drink " I mean even an Alpha couldn't smell anything when you cover your scent? Only your mate? "

"Probably! I cover my scent by putting perfumes but it wouldn't last anyway and yeah maybe the reason why Ash could smelled me is maybe I'm his mate!" She looked at Ash and blushed and I'm pretty sure Ash blushed as well.

" This is Priceless! Ash Johnson is blushing!" Mark yelled and we all laugh

" Ya happy now?" Ash grinn

" So what pack are you in?" Ranz asked

Amy looked down as if she didn't what to say " Well you see I couldn't remember what pack I'm in. All I know that there was a rogue attck" Ash growled and pull Amy closer to him but Amy continued her story " The last thing I knew is that I have no memory."

Ash comforted Amy thinking any moment she might break down but Amy is strong girl through out her story not a single tear drop on her face.

" I may not remember my past but I don't care I just want a happy future. Past is past and the future is the future!"

" Your future just started!" Ash smirked

" Ok! As Alpha of the pack I, Crypton Sky Smith Accept Amy Turner to be a member of my pack!" Sky announce and we all cheered and congratulate her.

" Ok! As the twin sister of the Alpha! I, Autumn Shine Smith order you to go shopping with Me, Danielle, Xaria and Brier AKA Girls Day Tomorrow!"

" WHAT? " The Boys whine but Shine just playfully glare at them.

The next morning.....

Well let's just say we are already in the mall. We bought clothes, shoes, food and many more.

But do you wants strange? When you are and shopping while you have a feeling someone was watching like every move. I couldn't tell who it was but I could feel it.

" Why thinking so hard Danielle?" Amy asked with concern

I shrugged " Do have the feeling that somebody was watching your every move?"

She didn't say a word but tried to turn slowly but I guess she didn't felt anything

" Probably some warrior wolves!" Shine said as she look through the dresses

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