The Mind Pt. 2

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A week had already passed for Ella, Seena, Felix and your parents.

They all took different shifts watching over your bodies. Ella had tethered your souls to eights roses. If any petal fell or the rose died, that meant within your minds something was hurting you.

You mother washed your body, making sure you were still perfect and pretty. She wanted you to be clean when you finally do awaken. Which she knew you'd be thankful for.

Your father took care of the boys, unlike you, your father had stayed in touch with the boys. They aided in keeping the streets clean and in return he gave them blood for their amulets.

Now he regretted it all, had he realized it was a ploy to stay close to you, he would've pulled out of it a long time ago. But regardless of their actions, they were just following their mother and he knew that.

Seena and Felix tried to stay as close to you as they could, but with money running low and Elise being unconscious as well, to their belief, they were safe for now and returned to their jobs.

Felix was reluctant, he knows your heart is with them, even though you won't admit it, he knows. It's because of that, that he's decided he'll step back. But, he will always have your well-being as his first priority.

Seena hadn't eased off of Ella, which causes a lot tension between she and Michael.

Ella wasn't one to make mistakes, this is the first instance in which her sister had bested her. She was already beating herself up and Michael refused to allow anyone else to do it as well.

Ella sat in her office, going through her abundance of books. This was harder than the other things she's dealt with. She's powerful, so Elise has never been able to pull her into the playground. It's because of this that Ella is at a loss.

"I can't go in~" she reads, "Yes I know this much but give me something else! A—a spell or a potion. Something!" She yells before throwing the book in anger.

She huffs a breath and buries her head in her hands.

"I'm here baby..."

She lifts her head and sees Michael in front of her with a hot mug.

From the smell she smiles,

"Hot chocolate?"

"As always." Michael chimes

"Thank you baby." Ella says as she reaches up to peck Michael's lips.

Michael leans against the desk before glancing at all of the books as she takes a sip from her mug.

"Find anything yet?" He asks

"Sadly, no. But I won't be defeated! My sister cannot win."

"What's the determining factor?" he questions

"I don't know! And that's the problem, I can't get in so how can I know anything?" She says more so to herself

"Okay... so you can't get in... got it. But you know Elise... her 'playground' is just an extension of herself, right? You've known the girl your entire life, so think how Elise would."

Ella looks at her husband like he was bore straight from that of an idiot.

He laughs, "Look, I'm serious. Glance back at the books as though you're Elise. Think within her mindset. Stop thinking like the beautiful badass witch that you are and start thinking like your sister." He pecks her forehead before exiting her office and closing the door behind himself.

Ella rolls her eyes at his disappearing figure before placing her hit chocolate on the desk. She stands for her chair and glances over at all of her books.

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