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This was requested by @SnowQueen221b

Thanks for your request :) 


Sherlock joined the chatroom 

Molly.H joined the chatroom 

Sherlock- Oh.. hello Molly.. I was hoping to catch John. 

Molly.H- I forgot to tell you...

Sherlock- ...Yes...

Molly.H- *Awkward Silence* You left your riding crop in the morgue. You want me to drop it off for you?

Sherlock- No! I mean... it's fine, I will come and get it.

Molly.H- Are you sure?

Sherlock- Yes Molly... 

Molly.H- Your welcome.

Sherlock- Thank you....

Molly.H- I've got to go. Another body coming in. Goodbye.

Molly.H left the chatroom 

Sherlock- And....no.... I don't believe in 'Sherlolly....

Sherlock left the chatroom 


Do you think that Sherlock wants Molly deep down?

And do you think that there should be some kind of Sherlolly?

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