Chapter 13

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The next day

Dean enrolled you in school. It was a 10 minute drive from the bunker. You were nervous. You wore your new plaid flannel shirt you got and a t-shirt underneath it. You had your new jeans and your new boots.

Sam: Have fun at school y/n.
Sam then hugs you. You hug Sam tight.
Dean: Come on y/n.
You let go of Sam and you walk toward Dean.
Dean: Hey cheer up y/n. You're going to make some friends and you'll be able to be to read in no time.
You then bite your lip, Dean then holds your hand and you both walk out to the impala.

You and Dean arrive to the school, there were parents dropping off their kids and the teachers were looking at you and Dean.

Some of the teachers were eyeing Dean, he gets out of the car and he opens your door.
Dean: Have a good day y/n. *smiles*
You then hug Dean tight.

There were some kids looking at you, sneering. They were jealous because they thought Dean was your "dad" and they wanted him.

Dean hugs you tight.
You: You'll be here to get me right?
Dean: I promise sweetie.
Dean kisses your head.
Dean: Come on, let's go meet your teachers.
You: Okay.
You then grab Dean's hand, you both walk toward your teacher.

Ms. Jamison: Hi.
She says almost seductively.
Dean: Hi. This y/n, my daughter. she's starting today.
Ms. Jamison: Oh yes.
Ms. Jamison crouches down, you then hide behind Dean's leg.
Dean: she's shy. Y/n it's okay.
You then look at your teacher.
Ms. Jamison: Why don't you go play with the other children.
You nod your head no.
Ms. Jamison: Where's her mother, if you don't mind me asking.
Dean: Her mom was killed in a car accident.
Ms. Jamison: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Then three girls, came up to you. They were about your age.

Bella: Hi I'm Bella.
You: Y/n.
You say it so quietly.
Bella: I'm sorry what?
You: Y/n.
Dean then looks at you.
Dean: I have to go now sweetie.
Dean then crouches down and he hugs you.
Dean: Behave yourself.
You giggle.
You: Yes sir.
Dean then kisses your head.
Dean: Love you baby girl.
You: Love you too daddy.
Dean then leaves, you watch get in the impala and drive off.
The bell then rang, you all went inside. You were sitting in the back of the class. You were shy, you kept looking out the window. You wanted Dean and Sam to go get you and take you back to the bunker.

Ms. Jamison: So class, I want you all to write down something interesting about yourselves.

You grabbed your pencil and paper and began writing.

Who I am
By: Y/n, Winchester

I'm was born in Ohio. I moved to Kansas a few weeks ago. My daddy saved me when I was kidnapped. My daddy and my uncle saw how scared I was and they kept me safe. I miss my mommy though. She would sing songs to me before I went to sleep. She would sing AC/DC, Deep purple, The Beatles, Foreigner, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Led Zeppelin, Guns n roses, Cheap trick. You name it. My mommy liked classic rock and I didn't mind it. I like it too. My daddy also likes it, we also listen to it in the car. My daddy has one cool car. My daddy is one cool guy, so is my uncle.

You then finished writing about yourself. You hand it to your teacher. You all then read for 10 minutes.

It was now lunch time, Dean packed you a juice box, a banana. he made you a hamburger for lunch. He also packed a slice of pie for you.
You eat your lunch, you saved the pie for Dean. You put your lunch bag away.
Ms. Jamison: Y/n, why don't you go sit with the other children?
You: No thank you. I'm fine here.
Ms. Jamison: Can you come sit with the other children please?
You: No thank you.
Ms. Jamison: don't make me call your father.
You: Go ahead.
You then fold your arms and you put your feet on the table.
You: Call him. I want to get out of this hell hole anyway.

Ms. Jamison: alright young lady, I'm calling your father!
You: Go ahead!

Ms. Jamison then calls Dean. The recess bell rang, all he kids were outside, Dean was pulling into the school parking lot.

Bella: Hey!
You: What?!
Bella: You're not the baddest kid in this place.
You: I'm not a good mood, so go away.
Bella then smirks and then hits you.
You were annoyed . Bella kept hitting you.
You then tackle her to the ground. She hit her head hard against the concrete. You begin punching her. You didn't stop punching her, you kept seeing the witch's face.
Dean then gets out of the impala and he sees the kids circling around you. Dean then runs over.
Ms. Jamison: Y/N!
Ms. Jamison pulls you off Bella and you bite Ms. Jamison.
Dean runs over.
You look at Dean. You were angry, you grab your bag and you begin walking away. Dean then grabs your shoulder.
Dean: Ms. Jamison, I'm so sorry about my daughter's behaviour. I'll talk to her when we get home.

Bella then stands up.
Bella: Your a meanie!
You look at Bella with a glare. All the kids were looking at you. You didn't want to be bothered with them, but you knew you had to go back.
Dean: Come on young lady.
You and Dean drive back to the bunker.
The car ride was silent.

You guys arrive back to the bunker.
Sam: Y/n, you're home early.
You walk past Sam.
Sam: What's up with her?
Dean: She got into a fight and she refused to sit with the other kids during lunch time.
Sam: Did she anything?
Dean: No. I'm gonna go talk to her.
You then walk to a room at the end of the hall. You were about to close the door behind you, then Dean stops it with his foot.
Dean: Y/n?
You: What?
Dean: Want to tell me what happened?
You: I didn't want to sit with the other kids at lunch time and this girl kept bugging me and I snapped.
Dean: Y/n, you almost beat her to death. Why?
You: Because, I saw a glimpse of the witch. I thought I was punching the witch who kidnapped me.
Dean: come here.
You walk over to Dean, he then removes hair that is covering your face.
Dean: The witch is dead y/n. She won't ever hurt you again. I promise.
You were about to walk to the bed, when Dean grabs your arm.
You: Dean?
Dean: You're grounded.
You: No fair!
Dean: Sorry y/n, you got in trouble. You're grounded for two weeks.
You: You're mean.
Dean: Hey. If you get in trouble, you get punished.
Dean then let's your arm go and he leaves your room. He closes your bedroom door.

Your thought: Stupid Ms. Jamison. stupid Bella. Stupid Dean. maybe I should just leave and never come back!

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