After that we go back to Human World...

Reiko's POV




Then the Okumura leave...

After that I seat down...



"I'm sorry.If Ryouko died.I should be the one who's died not her.I'm sorry if didn't protect her :( "-Me

"It's no ones fault.It's Ryouko is the only one who decide"-Yukiteru

"Yukiteru T_T"-Me

Then Yukiteru hugged me..

"Don't cry"-Yukiteru

"Ahhh T_T"-Me

After a few minutes Yukiteru leave...

Yukiteru's POV


"Why is everything changed when Ryouko died?"-Me

"First,Reiko is energetic but know seeing her face it's different

Second Ryouko,On the first time I meet her she is tough.But when she's dying she's very weak and seeing her tears I feel guilt

Third Okumura,When Ryouko is alive he always smile but know I never see him happy"-Me


"I wish I can repeat the happy moments again T_T"-Me

After that I go home...

Okumura's POV


I go upstairs and go to the room of Ryouko...

When I open the door...

"Ryouko you are too strict when it comes on cleaning"-Me

Then I saw a letter...

Dear Okumura,Reiko and Yukiteru,

                         Thank you for everything,for the smiles and laugh.And thank for being in my side

I will never forget all of you even for my death.I heard voice and she make me see what will happened to me if

we go on the demon world.Even scared I don't mind because all of you is always me.And Reiko please be

a good girl don't fight on Yukiteru.And Yukiteru thank for making me laugh.And Okumura thank for protecting me.

                                                     I Love you guys!Thank you!


"Ryouko T_T"-Me

"Why didn't you tell us? T_T"-Me

Then I saw another letter at the back of the letter...

                          P.S.I didn't tell you because I'm scared.And I don't want you to have a hard time.

"Hard time.Huh"-Me

After that I sleep on Ryouko's Room...


Reiko's POV


When I saw the letter of Ryouko a tears fell on my eyes..

"Ryouko T_T"-Me

"Don't cry"-A girl with a black really long hair

"I'm sorry"-Me

"Ryouko.Come here"-Mikano

"Coming right there"-Ryouko



"You're Ryouko Akashino"-Me

"Yup n_n"-Ryouko

After that I hugged her...

"Reiko.Are you okay?"-Ryouko

*She is Ryouko.I feel a lightning running on her body*-Me

Then the boys came and they saw Ryouko...

"Ryouko!"-Yukiteru and Okumura

"Wait!Don't be so dramatic.Okay?"-Ryouko

"Sorry"-Three of us

"I need to go now my friends is waiting for me"-Ryouko


"But we are your friends."-Okumura

"I know that but they are my best friends"-Ryouko


"Okay.You can go"-Me

"Bye n_n"-Ryouko

"Okay.Bye n_n"-Me

After that Ryouko leave...

"She didn't remember us"-Yukiteru

"I don't care atleast she's alive n_n"-Me

"I guess your right"-Okumura

Then we heard a laugh...

"Hahhaha.I didn't know the three of you fell for it"-Ryouko

"You remember us"-Me

"Ofcourse.You are my friend"-Ryouko

After that we hugged her...

"I'm really happy that I could see all of you again"-Ryouko

"We too"-Yukiteru

"After this let's go at the Karaoke"-Ryouko


On that day,We were full of smile.Even we changed we will never forget our friends.I Love to have a friends.It's the best...

End of Last Chapter




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