Dark Moon

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hey guys here's my second story on wattpad even though i havent finished my first!!! hope u like it. oh, and just so you know i've never read or watched Twilight or anything like that so if i'm copying i'm really sorry and i don't mean to and please tell me so i can fix it! Thanks so much.




The screams break the silence of the dark night. Sounds from the river travel to the villages, awakening children and destroying the peaceful night. Two clusters of dark figures are gathered on either side of the river, facing each other in a deadly silence as the screams die down. A boy, hardly sixteen years of age, lays thrashing on the ground, gasping for air and crying for mercy. The pool of blood that has been rapidly growing around him glistens in the soft moonlight. The ironically gentle light glows faintly on the boy’s horrific wounds to the throat, side, and middle section.

The silence grows louder as his screams fade and he is left laying there, mouth agape and eyes wide. Then an almost feral growl is uttered. A single dark figure from the eastern side of the river steps forward. His profile is thrown into shadow, there are only two features evident apparent about him:

His eyes, a glowing red-brown color, vengeful in the moonlight.

And his parting words: “We shall never forget…”

And more than one hundred years later, the very same words are being spoken in a dark forest lit softly with moonlight.

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