Chapter 20

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"Today's training session will be announced by the captain. Let's make the court tidy before that."

"I have to go. I haven't finished my homework yet." Jiale says

"The mood of the court is suffocating and I don't feel like training." Lu Jia says scrolling through her gallery deleting photos of her and Jingwu

"Picking up balls is not our job." 

"You have sore muscles as well. It won't kill you." Baiyang says back at Qiao Chen

"But I will be tired. How can I practice later?"

"Is that all the strength you've got?" Lu Jia looks up from her phone to the source of the voice, Weiming from Yu Feng

"I thought you had a busy training schedule. Why did you come here today dressed up like a group of pop singers?" Yong Xi snorts at his words before going back to a poker face as Weiming hits her ribs softly "Are you here to challenge us?"

"That's right. We're here to defeat you."

"Losers. You can't defeat us. We'll beat you whenever it is, and wherever we are.."

"Fine. Then, let's have a bet."

"What bet? What bet will it be?"

"If you lose, we want all of your team uniforms."

"You're being too arrogant. Fine, then."

"Just the two of you? Can you represent the whole team?"

"I'm in." Jiale says before going to the other two, Zhuo Zhi, Yan, Lu Xia, Dayong and Lu Jia following along 

"I won't lose either way, it doesn't matter."

"Is everyone here?" Siyang arrives at the court "For today's training, we'll have a competition against Yu Feng. I will discuss the schedule with Captain Xu Ziping. Let's warm up first." Lu Jia is the first to move putting the hood of her hoodie over her cap


"Captain Siyang and I fixed the schedule. After five minutes, four matches will begin at the same time."

"Where are the Lu twins? Why don't they play this time?"

"Focus on your own match. Why bother caring  about others?"

"We have our reason for the way we fixed the schedule. Everyone, please go to your court and get ready according to the schedule." They all moved to where they need to be

"Lu Xia, we seem to have something in common, even sitting on the bench now together. However, it's good you don't play today. You may get hurt again. By the way, how are your eyes? Can you read the blackboard in class? It's a big problem, it might affect your grades. How about we take a vision test again?" Lu Xia turns around leaving pulling his sister along


"A Group doubles, Yu Feng won. B Group doubles, Yu Feng won. D Group singles, Yu Feng won. E Group singles, Yu Feng gave up."

"Okay. Yu Feng won. Take off your uniforms." Siyang says, Lu Jia sighing

"Seriously?" Ziping turns to Siyang confused

"Of course."

"We were just joking. You don't need to."

"Since we agreed to it, we must do it."

"Zhuo Zhi didn't lose. He doesn't need to take it off." Qiao Chen says

"We lost as a team. We have to accept the fact that we lost." Lu Jia takes her hoodie and cap off throwing them at the ground before taking her shirt off, she then grabs the hoodie wearing it

"If I see a single stain..." She gives her shirt

"Your uniforms stink. Are you going to let Xing Zi wash them? Also, Lu Xia and Lu Jia didn't play for the matches. it's hard for you to accept the defeat."

"I can't change the result even if I won."

"Everyone, do 50 laps each." The team starts running


"From what I remember, this isn't the first time you lost recently. Losing isn't a frightening thing. What's terrifying is that we can't learn the lesson from it. Recently, the coach and I have not been around. Many things are going on now. But I hope you can remember why you insisted on training every day and participating in a competition back then. As the top players of Yu Qing, you should take pride and be responsible instead of showing off. It's my dream to lead us to the national league. But I can't do it on my own. I don't want to have to force anyone either. You can make your own choices. But when you make the choice, I hope you can be responsible for making such a choice. The future matches will be even fiercer. You should know that you'll lose for sure if this condition continues. If you don't understand what I'm saying, you'd better give up right now. I'll give you a chance to change. Those who want to continue, can meet at the Qingniaotai Station on the day after tomorrow. The coach has arranged a training session with Yu Feng outside school. Those who don't want to continue, may give up right now. That's all. You can go." Siyang walks away and everyone goes as well


"We even lost the match in cleaning."

Jiale steals a piece of food from Kefei who grabs it just before he can eat it "What are you doing?"

"Let's increase the amount of training. I don't want to lose any more next time."

"To be specific, if we multiply the training amount by 2.34 percent, our chance of winning-"

"You don't need to analyze it, I will train four times as much. Starting tomorrow." Lu Jia gets up leaving the table without a word followed by Qiao Chen and Baiyang

The girl goes straight to where they were sleeping, laying down with her earphones in listening to music, Qiao Chen looking at her worried


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