Reiko's POV

"Wh-who are you?"-Okumura

"Hmph *creepy smile*"-A woman

"I think she's the boss"-Yukiteru

"You think so?"-Me


"I'm the Boss.I'm Kazumi"-Kazumi

"You stop this nonsense"-Me

"Are you making me laugh?"-Kazumi

"No.I'm not"-Me

"Let's play n_n"-Kazumi

"If you want to n_n"-Me

"Got it *smirk*"-Yukiteru

"Got your back *smirk*"-Okumura

Then Kazumi use her dark magic...


Then we dodge it...

"Queen of Flame.Morning Star!"-Me

But Kazumi dodge it...


But we dodge it again.

"Eyes of Arma Dura!"-Yukiteru

Then he hit Kazumi in the shoulder...


"Good Job n_n"-Me

"It's nothing"-Yukiteru

"Don't celebrate yet"-Okumura

"We-were not finish yet"-Kazumi

Then Kazumi use her powerful magic...

"Purgatory Darkness!"-Kazumi

Then she hit all of us...

"Ahh!!!!!!!!!"-Me,Yukiteru and Okumura


"N-now it's my turn.Ice Bomb!"-Okumura

But Kazumi block it with her magic...

"It doesn't work!"-Kazumi

Then suddenly...

"Lightning Emress!"-Ryouko


Then Ryouko hit Kazumi on the body...


"I told you.I will come"-Ryouko

"We're not finish yet"-Kyouko

"I thought you faint"-Ryouko

"Hmph n_n"-Kyouko

"Okay.You three have your own"-Ryouko


"Atleast we will fight together n_n"-Ryouko

Then we ready our position...

"Bring it on"-Me

*creepy smile*


"You said it alright"-Ryouko

"It's too obvious"-Okumura

After that the fight started...

"Take this.Fire Empress!"-Me

"Dark Empress"-Kazumi

But we both got hurt...

"You okay?"-Yukiteru

"Yes n_n"-Me

On the otherside...

"Lightning of Yuen!!"-Ryouko

"Arma Darkness"-Kyouko

But they both dodge their attack..

"Wow!They taking it seriously"-Yukiteru

"That's the right thing to do"-Okumura


"Let's take it seriously"-Okumura

After that they unite their power...

"Ice,Flame and Eyes of Scarlet Unite!God of Light!-Me,Okumura and Yukiteru

Then Kazumi is fully hurt...


"You're defeated"-Me


"So,How can we break the contract of Kyouko"-Okumura

"W-what am a Idiot?There is no way.You need to kill her so the contract will destroy.On the last I win.Hhaha"-Kazumi

After that Kazumi died and vanished...

Ryouko's POV

"W-what am a Idiot?There is no way.You need to kill her so the contract will destroy.On the last I win.Hhaha"-Kazumi

*What I need to kill Kyouko!If that's the case we will die together*-Me

"I'm ready"-Me

When Kyouko is going to attack.I hugged her...

"Ryouko,What are you doing?!"-Reiko

"Sorry I just want to save my sister *about to cry*"-Me

Then I used my sword to stabbed Kyouko on the back going from me...


"I j-just want t-o save you n_n"-Me

Then I pulled my sword the my sword vanished.When my whole body will fall on the floor.Someone catch me..

"Re-reiko n_n"-Me

"Darn you!Why did you do that? *crying*"-Reiko

"I just want to save my sister,my friends and especially you"-Me

"You don't need to do that"-Reiko

"Remember when I ask you everything is okay?"-Me

"Yes *crying*"-Reiko

"I know it will happen"-Me


Then I hold the hand of Yukiteru..

"Sorry for everything and Thank you.You always making me smile and making me comfortable n_n"-Me

"Welcome *smilling while crying*"-Yukiteru

Then Yukiteru kiss me on the forehead...

"Thank you n_n"-Me


"What is it? n_n"-Okumura

Then I hold his left cheeck...

"I'm sorry if I don't appreciate you and Thank for being in my side and for protecting me n_n"-Me

Then Okumura hugged me...

"I Love You n_n"-Okumura

"I Love you too as a friend"-Me

"I know you would say that"-Okumura


"And for Reiko"-Me


Then I stick my forehead to her forehead...

"Reiko.Thank you for being there for me.And Thank you for being like a big sister to me.I really like you to be in my side.But It's the last time I will see you smile *smilling while crying*"-Me

"Ryouko n_n"-Reiko

"THANK YOU n_n"-Me

After that my heart beats stop my pulse are gone...

"Ryouko!! T_T"-Reiko

*I really don't want to see Ryouko's face like that*-Yukiteru

*I Love you I really Love you*-Okumura

End of Chapter 31

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