Ryouko's POV

"Are you ready?"-Kyouko


Then Kyouko use her spear to attack me but I block it with my sword...

"You're good"-Kyouko

"You too"-Me

"By the way.Do you know I like Okumura?"-Kyouko

"Yes.I know"-Me

"Great.So,I want you to go away from him"-Kyouko

"I don't do it and besides I don't like him"-Me

Suddenly Kyouko use her black magic to attack me...

"Black Magic.Magic of Death"-Kyouko

"Magic of Death.Huh"-Me

Then I dodge it...

"Let's stop this.I don't want to hurt you"-Me

"I don't want.Because everyone always adore you and they loved you but me no one"-Kyouko

"Stop!My tempered is gone now"-Me

Then suddenly I use my lightning to attack Kyouko but she dodge it...

"You're wrong!"-Me


"Mom and Dad always adore you but me they put me in the room and they never let me out.And you know what hurts you,dad and mom leave me in the room when you go shopping or anywhere.Sometimes I wish I wasn't born.So,I can't feel this"-Me

"But it's only mom and dad.I want to be love by someone too"-Kyouko


"And If you die they will love me instead"-Kyouko

Then Kyouko use her magic...


"You're hurt n_n"-Kyouko

*Darn!My right shoulder hurt*-Me

"Now you know what I feel"-Kyouko

Then she kick me on the stomach...


Then I spit a blood...

"Aww!You spit a blood.I pity you *creepy smile*"-Kyouko

Then I glowed and my wings appeared...

"What the.."-Kyouko

"I the Angel of Catastrophy please answer my prayers.Song of Light!"-Me

Then I use that spell to Kyouko and A glowing thing go around Kyouko...

"What's happening?"-Kyouko

"Your finish"-Me


After that Kyouko fainted...

Then the fight is finish...

"Atlast.I will go.Until she's asleep"-Me

After that I leave Kyouko....

*I'm coming right there*-Me


"Damn.I though we kill all the familiar darkness"-Reiko

"Where are they coming from?"-Yukiteru

"They are coming from me"-A woman

"Wh-who are you?"-Okumura

"Hmph *creepy smile*"-A woman

End of Chapter 30

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