Suzume's POV

   Gaara motioned with his hand. "Go," He shooed.

   I hopped over the railing, landing lightly on the ground below. Naruto kept screaming at Sakura, trying to cheer her on. I walked closer to the center, regaining my composure, coming up with a strategy. She didn't quite look like a very formidable fighter.

   The proctor stepped back, and coughed. "Let the fight begin!"

   We both jumped back at the same time. She obviously didn't have a plan. I grabbed a shuriken and threw it at her. Jumping upward, Sakura barely dodged it. Stroke of luck. Landing awkwardly on the ground, she began to run towards me. Probably some taijutsu or something of that sort. As she reached the half way point, she readied her fist.

   "Why won't she move? Suzume, you idiot!" Kankuro exclaimed in frustration. He and Temari both ha their matches already, and they won. Gaara will certainly win, and that leaves me. the so called weak link on out squad.

   They don't know that I'm trying out a new jutsu I learned from the voice inside my head.

   Don't use that jutsu.

   Why, you pain?

   You do not want to use your  secret weapon at a time like this. This is just a preliminary round! Using that jutsu is completely unnecessary. If you try to use that jutsu, I stop you in your tracks!

   Grrr fine!

   I adjusted my stance and took on an offensive position. I just need the right timing...

   Sakura got really close to me, and she thrust her arm out, trying to punch me. I'm sorry Sakura, but I have to do this.

   I sidestepped away from her at the last second, and shifted my weight to one foot. I got one solid strike to the side of her head using my shin. But something wasn't... right. I felt no impact when I hit her. I felt no pain in my leg where I struck her.

   It's like I didn't even touch her!

   The crowd fell silent as she collapsed to the ground.

* * *

   A few medics ran up to the scene. "All her vitals are normal," One of them said. "She should be up within the hour." They put her onto a stretcher, and carried her off the battle field.

   After a few long seconds of silence, the small crowd began to clap. I smiled. I won with taijutsu and didn't even touch her. I felt a familiar gritty texture against my skin. Sand. Gaara lifted me up and over the balcony and placed me between Temari and himself. He still had his usual blank expression, but he almost looked... confused. I think everyone is. I know I am!

   The four of them just stood there, staring at me. I never was the best shinobi, so this must have startled them. Finally Gaara broke the silence.

   "That was impressive. Taking down an opponent with taijutsu and not even touching them. How did you pull that off?" He asked. I turned towards him.

    "I'll talk to you once we leave. Maybe you will understand," I said. He nodded. "Fine," He agreed.

   "Well it's about time!" Kankuro said with a smirk.

   I immediately drew my attention to the screen-

   Rock Lee



   Rock Lee must be the rediculous looking kid in the green skinsuit, identical to his sensei's.

   Gaara disappeared in a swirl of sand, reappearing again on the battle area, still with his arms crossed.

   Rock Lee got into this strange fighting pose, pivoted a little to the side, holding one arm out.

   There were a few people cheering him on- Ino, Naruto, Hikari, and TenTen, the girl Temari defeated.

   "Come on, Lee! You can do it!" They yelled.

   Kankuro chuckled. "Don't they realize it's useless? Nobody can defeat Gaara. Nobody's been able to touch him! This Lee kid is no match."

   "Let the fight-" *Cough cough* "Begin!"

* * *

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