I tripped on my way into the ambulance, my knees grazing against the harsh concrete as I quietly grunted in pain. I picked myself back up and desperately ran beside Harry after he was carried in my my father.

"He's dead." I whispered to myself as my dry lips were wetted by a single tear that fell.

I sat still beside him as dad yanked the ambulance doors closed, and we finally drove away. I gazed worriedly at his lifeless body which lay like an unwatered white, lily.

"He's dead." I repeated in a much more morbid and deep tone.

Dad ran his hands through his hair as he stared wide eyed at Harry's body. He exhaled, swallowed and attached him to an oxygen mask. I furrowed and flared my nostrils as I looked curiously at dad in distraught.

"Why are you giving him an oxygen mask? He's not breathing, he's not going to." I whispered weakly.

"Don't lose hope." He warned and immediately held his mask down, but no breaths were clouded against it. His mouth was open but no sign of life was pouring out.

"How much blood did he lose?" He questioned.

"Too much to keep count." I barely spoke, my voice was silent.

He frantically tried his best to get Harry to breathe, for most of it I had to look away because I was so damn scared and weak to try and stay with them both. My eyes opened, and I was hoping to see some sort of breath form against that dumb mask- but he was still lifeless.

My dad sat back hopelessly as his breath shook in fright. "He's dead, Harley."

But ironically, it was now that I was in defence. I shook my head desperately and leaned forward in inspection. "No."

I placed my hands at his chest and shook him harshly. "No, no, no."

"Harley, stop it-"

"It's not fair," I weakly screamed in tears as I rigidly knelt to the cold floor. "H-He was my friend."

My life had fallen right in front of me. Losing someone you thought so fondly of created an ache in your chest where you couldn't do anything about it. It was like holding onto your favourite balloon all day and then someone coming in and cutting the string that held it together.

Dad gently picked me up from the floor and cautiously held me back onto my chair. "He's with God now, Harley."

"How can God be real when he hurts us like this?" I asked in vain, knowing subconsciously the answer I was receiving as soon as I saw that look in my father's eye.


"The all knowing, all loving God," I mocked in a whisper as I stared longingly at the body beside me. "I feel so loved."

His hands grasped hold of my shoulders as he knelt down to my level. "God didn't do this to him, he did it to himself. Now, be strong and help me give him a blessing."

He was right. I was being stupid and thoughtless, I was just so angry at myself for letting this happen to him- I was blaming God. I couldn't let that happen anymore. Dad took his crucifix from his shirt pocket and kissed it briefly before placing it to Harry's chest. He put his palm to Harry's forehead, and closed his eyes. "Father, bless this person. Keep him from evil and take his hand into the afterlife-"

I relentlessly shook my head and nuzzled my face into his cold, blood stained abdomen. "No, don't take him. Please, let him stay. Please."

"He's gone, Harley-"

I angrily pushed dad's hand from Harry's forehead and replaced with my own. I tugged my crucifix necklace so hard the frail chain snapped, so I pressed it down to Harry's skin; right beside where I held my head down.

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