'Chapter 18

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Once the words finally sink in, everyone is in a frenzy. The Volturi. They're coming for us. And the Greene's. We thought we were safe, I guess not. My first instinct was to stay with Renesmee. But this time, Lillian was the one in danger. Carlisle sends Edward and I to tell Maryse and Lillian what is going on. At vampire speed, we're running towards Lillian's house. The speed helps me to forget some of my worries, but not all of them. We seem to get there as fast as we left.

As we approach the door, Edward takes my hand in his and starts to draw circles on the back of my hand. I knock with my free hand, and Maryse answers.

"Hello. Is something wrong?" She asks seeing our expressions.

"Yes. Something horrible is going to happen." Edward says in a calm, cool, tone.

"What is it? " Maryse asks worried.

"The Volturi. They're coming for us. Our family will watch and guard your house until they come. Or you can stay with us. Either will work." Edward responds. I tighten my grip on his hand.

"The Volturi? Why are they coming? What have we done?" She says panicking.

"You did nothing. They're coming for us, because we associate with you. It's not your fault. We both did nothing. The Volturi just want something to kill us for." I say in a quick way to calm her down.

"Okay." She says. "Come in. You can tell Lillian."

"Okay." I say plainly.

Lillian walks out when she hears the door shut behind us.

"What are you doing here?" She asks me.

"We're here to tell you something."  I say.

"Okay. Come with me." She states.

I let go of Edwards hand unwillingly as Lillian leads me outside into the small garden.

"I can tell you this in front of them. We don't need to be out here. You know since what happened." I say as we sit down on the soft grass.

"It's okay. I miss my dad but this is where I always am. It feels like he's still with me. Especially when I'm out here. He always came here with me." She says trying not to cry.

"What I wanted to tell you was," I say trying to change the subject, "The Volturi are coming."

"What?!" She asks in disbelief.

"The Volturi are coming after us. Because we associate with you. It's not your fault. They just want to kill us because they've had a bad past with our family." I say trying to make her understand.

"What are we gonna do?" She asks frightened.

"We're setting up a protection plan for you and your mother. You are also welcome to stay with us until the battle is over." I say to calm her.

"Okay. Everything will be okay right?" She asks concerned.

"Yes. I can tell you that much."I Say to her.

After I tell her we go back inside. Edward instinctively takes my hand. Maryse tells Lillian to pack a bag because they are going to stay with us.

When they are ready, they take their car and we run back to our house.

As we run I let my thoughts slip away from me and envelope my self in the familiarity of the green forest stretching around me for miles.

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