Part 10!! happy or not so happy reunions

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"ok you can come in!"

The door opens and I get the biggest surprise of my life....



Lila POV

"HA, HA, HA, HAAAAA!!!!!" Mel and I have tears streaming down our faces we are laughing so hard! Let me explain:

~~3 minutes ago~~

"ok you can come in!"

Sam steps in, my mate, i really like saying that. But his face and his friends who are behind him have make-up all over ther faces! OMG! I look behind us (her and Mel) and see Mina, Miya, CeCe, and Laurie are all grinning evily. I think I know why. You see they had burst in here a few minutes after Sam came and knocked. All the guys were looking over us at them. All us girls were laughing our heads off!

"He,hehe,he,hehehe! you look rediculous! omg!" Mel states.

 I look at  Sam and see him already looking at me. I blush and look down then look up again and see him standing right in front of me. He looks at me and says, "hi Lila, I'm Sam your mate"

I see him standing nervously and I stare into his eyes and its like the world suddenly stopped spinning and everything was at a standstill. It was just me and him. I just nod and he seems hurt. I look over to Mel and the girls for help. Mel rushes over and says.

"oh! Sam don't take it personaly! Li just doesn't talk! She won't talk to anyone!"  Sam looks to me, questioning me with his eyes. "why?" He asks. I just stare at him and look. I'm not talking. I don't want to. I;m scared and I really want to talk to him but I am still scared.

***********************Sam POV**********************

Lila looks over my shoulder, then (A/N: I was just DIEING to do this part! YAY! happy family reuinion! YAY!!!!) then her eyes tear up and I see Nathan standing there staring at my mate. "LILA?!?!" he yells. 

Whats he staring at! She's my mate!!!! Then he rushes over the same time as Lila and they are both hugging each other and Lila has tears streaming down her face. Then I look at Nathan and he has the biggest smile I laver ever seen on his face!  AND IT'S NATHAN! He hardly ever  smiles.

Ok now I am getting confused. I see everything has gone quiet exept for Lila's soft sobs. I look at everyone and they have similar faces on: WTF, WTH, OMG!, wat in the hell is going on?!, and, i am confused! faces on. 

Nathan has his arm around Lila's waist and she is hidding her face in his chest. Part of me is Awwww, our mate is so cute! the other is, why is Nathan holding my mate?! I look over to them and ask,

"ok, I know everyone is thinking the same question here. What the hell is going on?" I yell the last part.

Nathan just looks over to me and smiles widely and then looks at everyone and says simply,

"She's my sister."

WHAT. THE. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nathan POV

~~4 minutes before barging in Mel's room.~~

I woke up quickly because I could hear giggling  by the door. Me and the guys had all fallen asleep after staying up all night playing video game. I look over and see Mel's 4 friends, Mina, Miya, Cece, and Laurie. The were all smirking evily. I look over at all the guys and burst out laughing. Then all the girls runaway. I see the guys waking up groggily.

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