Chapter 26

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After a lovely breakfast with uncle Clark Ilana left the kitchen for a while to go to her room. She had noticed the tension between Jimmy and Dick and for the life of her she couldn't understand why. They were all friends.  She sighed.  The male populace of earth was harder to understand than the spells of the 5th element.  And those were some pretty hard spells,  even for her. Ilana really wished they would come with an instruction manual.  That would make life so much easier.  Even Lois would sometimes complain of the dual nature of men and how they could charm a woman one moment and bite their head off the next. She didn't think the males on her planet were so terrible. At least she must not have noticed it. She sat on her bed and waited.  She knew that Clark and Bruce would make a decision without her and she would probably end up staying here and going to Gotham Academy and having to leave her job behind. Maybe she could convince them to let her stay with Clark.  Then she remembered the males of the planet were so overprotective and narrow minded that all the convincing in the world wouldn't let her stay where she was. She picked up her phone and dialled one of the few numbers she had memorised.

"Hello?" answered a girl on the other side.

"Hey Misaki. It's Ilana here," She replied.

"Ilana! How are you? I heard about the incident. Are you okay?" Misaki asked, worry in her voice.

"I'm fine. Just missing Happy Harbour is all. How is it going there?" 

"I Wouldn't know. After my kidnapping my parents freaked out and took me out of school. Yesterday was my last day. We're moving to Gotham City and I have to go to fancy 'safe' Gotham Academy. Total bummer."

"Really?" Ilana perked up, "Thats where my uncles want to send me. We can enrol together."

"That sounds awesome!" Misaki laughed.

"I better go tell them. Anyways, talk to you later Misaki," Ilana said.

"Okay. See ya," and Misaki hung up. 

She put the phone back on the receiver and hurried down the stairs and burst into the room that Clark and Bruce were talking and came upon an argument between the two men. This was gonna be a long day she thought.

"What are you two fighting about now?" Ilana asked, hands on her hips. She had noticed that when Ms Lane does this the men seem to listen to her more. 

"Where you should stay. Naturally we both want you to stay by us but we also want you to be safe," Clark said. 

"I think I will go to Gotham Academy. My friend Misaki is going to attend there too. But I must be allowed to go and work at the Daily Plante every other day and I can still have picnics with Jimmy and girls night with Lois. Deal?" She said.

The men looked at each other and nodded.

"Deal. But Alfred or Dick needs to accompany you to Metropolis and someone needs to bring you back. Are we clear," Bruce said in a tone Ilana recognised as a 'this discussion is now over tone'.

Ilana nodded. Guess she had some packing to do.

*alright. Sorry for the short and delayed chapter. Im running a bit low on inspiration here so any help will be gladly accepted. Im gonna try and get to the more interesting bits as soon as the nitty gritty is done. Hope you guys enjoy*

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