When the world ends

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  "Kiss me." He whispered in my ear as we saw meteorites collapse from the sky, knowing that the end had begun. I turned around to face him and swept my lips against his smooth as caramel lips. "Babe, the world's ending, let me die a happy man." He whispered, his voice oozing seriousness. I wrapped my arms around his neck, my nails running along his body as I moved my hands up his muscular arms and across his chest. I lent into his toned chest and ran my tongue along his own. He moaned lightly as my fingers trailed along his upper back. I kissed him passionately and slid my tongue along his lower lip, requesting entry. His lips parted and and I slid my tongue into his mouth, exploring his mouth and dancing with his tongue. When I pulled away, we heard the crashes and screams, the terror and innocence emitted from the people outside. We held onto each other as everything became dark and rumbling became apparent. We kissed once more, whispering 'I love you's into each others mouths as the air became thin. We fell to the floor, still holding onto each other as we struggled for air.

When my last breath was in my mouth, I pulled away and said "I'll always love you." before my head fell to the floor with a thud. One tear escaped my eye before I died.

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