Chapter Thirty Three

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“Lindsey! Have you seen Lily’s dress anywhere?” Stevie called out from their walk-in wardrobe, Lily held on her hip in just her diaper.

Today was the big day. The court date had been set for September 26th and Stevie was just as nervous and excited about it as if it were her actual due date. Although she was certainly a little anxious about it, to just see how excited Lindsey was always helped to calm her nerves.

“It’s hanging on the back of the nursery door!” he replied from the en-suite.

They had asked Margi to design Lily another dress for today, on which Stevie had then embroidered moons and stars by hand, just like she used to do to Lindsey’s jeans in the old days. When she had finished with it, it was a masterpiece.

Stevie lay Lily down on their bed and baby-talked to her while she wrestled her chubby arms into the delicate satin dress.

“Are you smiling at Mommy, Lily-bee? Yes you are! Yes you are!” she laughed at the huge, gummy smile on the baby’s face.

Lily gurgled and blew bubbles up at Stevie in response, kicking her legs out and giggling happily.

Finally dressed, Stevie slipped her hands under Lily’s arms and lifted her up so that she was standing on her tiny, unsteady legs on the bed.

Lindsey gasped emphatically as he made his way into the bedroom from the en-suite and his gaze fell upon Lily in her special dress. He widened his eyes and let his jaw hang open in astonishment, pulling the most ridiculous face imaginable, which had made even Stevie laugh at the sight of it. Lily squealed loudly and clapped her hands together, her new favourite thing to do.

“Your Royal Highness!” Lindsey teased, bowing courteously in front of the pair.

Unable to resist her any longer, Lindsey swooped in and scooped Lily up into the air, holding her high above his head and placing a never-ending string of kisses all over her face. Lily giggled manically and Stevie thought that it was the most precious sight she had ever seen.

Fearing that if he kept it up any longer, Lily would laugh so hard that she would end up being sick all over her new dress, Lindsey planted her on his hip and turned his attention to Stevie, who was quietly folding Lily’s clothes into a pile on the bed.

“How’re you holding up, baby?”

Lindsey snaked his free arm around her waist from behind and rested it on her stomach. He revelled in the feeling of her leaning back into him as she rubbed her hand smoothly over his.

“I’m good,” she nodded and smiled, twisting in his arms and reaching up to press a kiss to his lips.

Lily squealed loudly in their ears, always amused by the sight of her parents kissing each other. They smiled against the other’s lips and then squished Lily’s face between theirs, as they both kissed her rosy cheeks.

“Are you almost ready to go?” Stevie asked, noticing the smoothness of his newly shaven skin.

“Yeah there’s just, one more thing I have to do...”

Lindsey handed the baby to Stevie and rummaged in his pocket, before pulling out a very familiar looking little velvet box. Stevie’s heart fluttered in her chest and she smiled, resting her chin on the top of Lily’s head as she held her in front of her.

“Lily...” Lindsey began, sinking to his knees so that he was down at her level. “My darling Lily, my princess...”

His eyes twinkled as he looked lovingly at the baby, and Stevie had to bite her lip to stop from swooning.

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