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Natalie always enjoyed staying alone, the peace and quiet of not talking to anyone, of enjoying some time with yourself. And she was fine with it after her divorce. She was fine spending time with herself. But not now. Not after Mark. She was not okay. She felt lonely and Amber had her own life to worry about to. So that left Natalie alone with their dog.

"You can't eat anymore of this Mulan. You're gonna choke, and Amber is going to choke me if anything happens to you." Natalie talked to her dog as she stuffed a bunch of popcorns in her mouth. The dog, who was visible way too bigger now, whined liked a little puppy. "I said no." Mulan gave her the puppy eyes and usually Natalie wasn't the one to give in puppy eyes. "Fine, this is the last one." But not that night.

When Natalie put the popcorn away, the dog realised there were no more treats for that night. Mulan laid down on the couch next to Natalie and put her head on her lap.

"Hey there, you got way too big since we got you from the shelter. We can't cuddle like we used to." Natalie pet the dog with which she was way warmer than in the beginning.

Suddenly Mulan got up from the couch and ran to the front door. She started barking. "Hey, I doubt that anyone is going to visit us." Natalie said trying to calm her down. But Mulan continued barking.

And then the doorbell rang.

Natalie got up confused, not expecting anyone for a visit. She got up from the couch wearing her slippers in the progress.

When she opened the door Mulan got up to the man who was standing there and excitedly walked around him waiting for him to pet her.

"Mark?" Natalie questioned and Mark smiled at her before petting Mulan. Mulan had learnt to love Mark in the short time he was living with them, so she was happy to see him again.

"Hey there." Mark spoke to the dog before looking at Natalie. "Hey." 

"Hi." Natalie whispered and waited for the reason why he was there. Because none of their last conversation they had, seemed like it would lead them to continue speaking to each other.

"I thought you'd be at the hospital. I wouldn't come if I knew you were here." Mark admitted as he let go of Mulan.

"My surgery got cancelled." Natalie replied. "Did you need something?"

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