Things Lost that Night

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Here We Go Again

Chapter 16: Things Lost that Night

POV: Nia

"You're joking!" Mrs. Molly Weasley let out a high giggle as she continued to manually pour water to the glasses that needed refilling around the small, gathered group. "Are you really the new Minister's niece?"

"—It's true, you know." Lily Potter spoke up as she, among the others in a separate small group eavesdropped on the conversation going on a few yards from them. "We all know that Kingsley's retirement was a shocker for our community two months ago, but she actually is the niece of Emilio De la Cruz."

"How do you know that?" Liam asked his girlfriend, a tone of curiosity in his voice.

There was a pause for a moment. "I'm sort of friends with her brother Octavio."

"You're friends with—since when?"

"We met in the library," the Potter girl replied offhandedly to her boyfriend. "Anyway, he told me that's why they moved from Spain to Britain. The Minister's their legal guardian; something because their parents are unfit to take care of them. It's a bit sad, actually, but their uncle seems to really love and provide for them."

A little bit of silence again. "You just met the boy and he already told you something that personal?" This time it was Rose that broke it.

There was an exasperated, irate sigh but no one in the group of teenagers said anything when the conversation ahead got louder.

"Mother, please!" Percy Weasley looked a bit annoyed himself with whatever it was that Mrs. Weasley had said. "I'm sure Miss De la Cruz doesn't wish to divulge anything about her personal life—or the Minister's for that matter."

Mrs. Weasley looked carelessly at her son and his clear warning. "Nonsense, Perce! We're all good friends here. I've met the Minister, remember? Besides, you can't blame an elder citizen of our community to wonder if the man's married or not. I have a few friends that would be suitable if he isn't."

Sitting beside the dark-haired intruder, a grin on his face, Al rolled his eyes playfully. "Gran, all your friends are over eighty. The Minister's no older than thirty!"

Relaxed in her seat, acting like she belonged there, basking in all the attention, Ophelia De la Cruz laughed like it was such a grand day.

Raising a discreet brow at the unknown girl, Mrs. Potter cleared her throat as she glanced at her mother and her eager need to get to know more of the De la Cruz family. "Mum, Percy's right. We should not bother the girl with any questions, it's not polite. Can we just enjoy the cookies Victoire baked that we've yet to try?"

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love Mrs. Potter. She wasn't impressed with the girl sitting beside her son. No. Mrs. Potter could spot filth just as easily as I can.


"—Whoa! Easy there, Harper!" Blinking my eyes, focusing on those around me, I was right on time to see Malfoy's hand block Rose's face as fragments of glass flew in different directions.

From her seat on his lap, the redheaded girl lowered her boyfriend's hands from her face to look at me. She wore a concerned expression; slightly worried and nervous too.

Looking down from them, my eyes locked at my extended hand. The base of what used to be a glass goblet was in my hold. Other pieces of that goblet were also there, but they were jammed into the skin of my palms and fingers. Blood oozed out quickly.

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