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Jake texted Devon before school ended saying he would be over at around 4pm. Devon didnt go to school that day because he was doing an interview for something about his podcast, Jake wasnt entirely sure because he had trouble recalling certain things.

Jake turned to walk out of school when a boy named Mathew grabbed him slamming him agaisnt the lockers. No one else was around as Jake had needed to stay back and answer a few questions. "Oi fag are you even listening", Mathew yells slamming his hand against the lockers. Jake nodded and Mathew started screaming at him.

Jake didnt entirely care about anything he was saying and simply said "you know its pretty gay the way you're pinning me agaisnt the lockers". This was 1000% the wrong thing to say as Mathew punched him straight in the gut before making a cut on the same spot with a knife Jake hadnt even realised he had. Mathew walked away and Jake doubled over in pain trying to regain the breath that was knocked out of him by the force. He put his hand over where the cut was and just prayed Devon wouldnt notice the blood dripping through his shirt.

Devon's POV
Jake knocked on the door and I opened it, he looked hurt, physically. He had shaky hands and was awfully pale not the mention he holding his stomach over where his shirt looked 'wet?', but i knew if I pushed him to talk it would make things worse.

He was laying on my lap staring off into space when I noticed a tear fall from his eyes. "Jake?", I whispered still playing with his hair. "Mhm", I hear in response. "Hey, what's wrong?", I ask concerned. "it's nothing", he mumbles putting his hand back over the same spot on his stomach.

At this point I was worried and moved his hand away from where he kept putting it. He tried to protest but stopped knowing there was no point. I pushed his shirt up just enough to see a pool of blood over a cut on his lower stomach. "Jake, why didnt you tell me oh my god", I half yelled. "I'm sorry", he said quietly. Quickly moving him from my lap I jumped up and grabbed the first aid kit.

I applied some rubbing alcohol to a cotton pad and gently wiped it against the cut. Jake winced in pain and grabbed my other hand tightly. "You're okay", I calmly said. I finished bandaging up the cut and sat back up against the bed with him laying on my chest. "who did this?", I asked moving hair from his face and tucking it behind his ears. Jake closed his eyes and whispered "Mathew". Of course it was Mathew what did I really expect to be honest. "I'm so sorry I wasnt there to protect you". he looked up into my eyes and nodded with a 'its okay' look.

He feel asleep laying on my chest and I just let him sleep knowing he probably needed it after the whe incident.

I'm sorry for writing such dark topics I'm like projecting my feelings onto these stories lol.
also wtf is up with people and posting incest stories about Jake and Junior. They're cousins for frick sake.

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