Chapter 1

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Pic: Inside of the limo (outside is black, im case your wonderin')
I had a rough past two years.
I watched my father in his drunken stooper take the life of my mother and himself as i watched from the stairwell. I don't know how i survived but after i ran out of food at home i rummaged through trash cans around the city of Brooklyn. When i got sick (mentally and physical) of eating garbage, i finally decided to call the police.

Of course they interogated me, asking me how long ago my parents died and why i didn't call sooner, stuff like that. Eventually the took me to an orphanage and i stayed for the second year of my misery. It was fine at first but teen boys going through puberty and dealing with the hardships of no parents decided to make me their little doll.

They took their anger and sexual frustration out on my face, arms, legs, and one other place that shall not be spoken off. I felt ashamed and tried to take my own life but all they had at this wretched orphanage was dull butter knives and those didn't even cut bread. Bit this all changed when Miss Mina opened the door to my room and said a couple wanted to see me. I though finally i was leaving and was so excited as to get away from the boys constant beating a rapeing that the others knew nothing about.

I dressed my self in my best which wasn't all that great, a pair of ripped jeans, a faded purple t-shirt, and black converse with nearly yellow toes and frayed laces. But i just hoped that i looked presentable enough for this couple to want to adopt me.

I made my way down the hall and held my breath and stared forward as i walked past a couple of boys. "Hey, Jewel." One of the guys said to me as i passed. He grabbed my wrist. And pulled me to where my breasts (if you can call them that) were shoved against his chest. "My little slut." He whispered to me and shoved is mouth into mine. I struggled against him and was able to rip myself from his strong grasp. "Get away from me you pervert." I say and straighten my shirt. The boy, Rick, didn't take the hint and he walked towards me. "What's wrong, Jewel? Don't you love me? At least that's what you said last night." I roll my eyes and scoff. "You raped me, Rick. I had to say what you wanted or my ass was going to split." I spat at him. Rick chuckles and puts his hand under my chin.

"It's not rape if you like it." Rick says. "You made me say that! UGH!" I push Rick off of me and dash down the stairs to meet Miss Mina at the bottom. "What took you so long?" She asks. "Sorry Miss Mina." I say as i look down at my worn out shoes. "Nevermind that, let's go." I follow Miss Mina to the front office of the orphanage and she opens the door. I walk in and across the desk sits a beautiful couple. The man i can see is tall despite his sitting down has olive skin green eyes and perfect messy-ish brown hair. The woman sitting on his left has long wavy brown hair, blue eyes, and is very pretty. The man wears a suit and the woman a black dress that reaches her knees.

"Mr. And Mrs.Richardson this is Jewel. Jewel this is Mr.Alexander and Mrs.Olivia Richardson." Miss Mina says. "Hello, Jewel." Mr. and Mrs.Richardson say to me. "Hi." I say back. Miss Mina sits in a chair behind the desk and pulls out a clipboard. She talks to the couple for a little while and i have to hold back my smiles and squeals when Mrs. Richardson makes small grabby hands at the adoption papers. She signs the paper and nearly jumps out of her chair.

"You're coming home with us." She says and i'm so happy that tears start to form at the corners of my eyes. "Oh, Honey." Mr.Richardson says and he kneels a bit to wipe my eyes. "Let's go." He says.

Mr. And Mrs. Richardson lead me out of the orphanage and down to the car. Which wasn't a normal car, this was a limo! I couldn't believe it. This was amazing. Mr.Richardson opened the door to the limo and Mrs.Richardson climbed in. I climbed in after and Mr. Richardson after me. The inside of the limo was even more breathtaking. It had wooden floors, fancy seats, and awesome lighting. "Whoa." Was all i could say.

"Do you like the limo, baby?"Mr.Richardson asked me. I thought that it was weird that he addressed me as 'baby' but i just answer with an enthusiastic nod. "Good. Mommy and Daddy bought a brand new one just for this occasion." He says. "Mommy? Daddy?" I ask confused. "Of course, honey. That's what you are supposed to call us."

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