~Ooh lala zodiac signs are in a haunted house now... requested by @bookreadxr !~

The zodiac signs were in an old mansion eating dinner. "Thanks for coming to my dinner guys," Virgo thanked everyone. "No problem! We love your house," Libra complimented.

"Yeah. This isn't even my place. This is my grandmother's mansion. It's over 200 years old and many people have died here before my grandma died," Virgo said. "How did she die?" Gemini asked curiously. Everyone stopped to listen to what Virgo had to say,

Virgo's eyes narrowed. Her face went from bright to dark. "Evil spirits and ghosts," she whispered. All the signs stopped at looked at her. "Okayyyy let's keep eating!" Taurus said. The silence went back to noise and everyone started dining in again.

Scorpio was next to Virgo on the table. She was the only one who was interested in what Virgo had said. "Can you tell me more?" she asked her. Virgo stared blankly at Scorpio. "What? Oh um... no. I can't. Keep eating," she said. Scorpio shrugged and kept eating. But she really wanted to know more.

"So Aires... Taurus... what happened to you guys?" Leo asked them. "We're not dating anymore. We decided it would be easier if the two of us stayed as friends," Taurus told everyone. Aries shrugged. "Ok cool," Leo said.

A swift breeze went past them all. Sagittarius and Cancer were the only ones to notice. "You felt that?" Cancer asked. "Yeah," Sagittarius replied. A door behind them creaked open. No one seem to notice but them.

"Do you want to go in there and find out what's going on?" Sagittarius asked. "N-no... I don't.." Cancer replied. She shivered as another breeze came on. Sagittarius grabbed Cancer's hand and pulled her into the door and closed it behind them.

"Sagittarius!" Cancer gasped. "Shhh... I want to go exploring!" Sagittarius said. Cancer rolled her eyes and smiled at him. "Ok fine," she said. She followed him into another door which led to another room. The door automatically shut behind them. And the lights automatically turned on.

"Wha- how?" Sagittarius asked. The lights started flickering quickly. "Oh my gosh, Sagittarius! Stop playing with the lights!" Cancer pleaded. "I'm not controlling them! I'm not doing anything!" Sagittarius panicked.

A strong wind blew between them both. Sagittarius and Cancer held tightly onto each other. "Sagittarius, we're going to die!" Cancer concluded. She hugged Sagittarius tightly. "N-no we w-won't!" he replied. They heard an evil laugh from a distance.

"Sagittarius, you're my best friend and I don't want to leave you!" she told him. Best friend. Sagittarius didn't like the sound of that. His heart broke right there. Not literally. I mean his heart emotionally broke.

"Um yeah... Cancer, you're my best friend," he softly said. The evil laughing sound was getting closer each time. Cancer started crying into his chest as he pulled her closer. "We're going to die!" she whimpered. Sagittarius had never been this close to Cancer before. Before it was too late, he decided to do something to her.

He tilted her face until he was facing her and kissed her soft lips. Who knew Sagittarius would ever have secret feelings for Cancer? Not me. But here we go. Cancer let go in surprise. Sadly, this feeling wasn't mutual. Cancer didn't expect the kiss to happen at all. She didn't want it either.

"Sagittarius? Why did you do that?" she asked him. Before he could reply, a thin, bony hand grabbed her neck and pulled her away. Cancer screamed for help. But Sagittarius couldn't hear her. He was drowning in water that came out of no where.

"KEEP SEARCHING!" Virgo instructed. The nine other sign were panicking and worrying as they were searching for Sagittarius and Cancer. The two of them had been gone for about fifteen minutes. "Why didn't you tell us this house was haunted before?" Aries yelled at Virgo. "I know! It's all your fault!" Leo agreed. "How am I supposed to know that they would go wandering somewhere else?" Virgo asked them.

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