part 15

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i have to tell somebody . its been 3 days i found out . just then , i heard my door nock . it was rick .
" what are you doing here? " i asked" arent you supposed to be at the studio with daniel?"
" nope i was 'granted' the day off to come check on you " rick said .
" thats sweet but im fine " i said shutting the door . he walked right in.
" then why you been cryin?" he said looking at my eyes . i couldnt take it anymore , i hugged him . he didnt know how to react to a crying woman hugging him at first . he hugged back and asked
" whats the matter girl ? daniel is good to you right? " he asked looking down.
" hes perfect " i cried
" then what is it " rick said
" you cant tell ... promise me " i said sniffling getting myself togethor .
"heather , you know your a sister to me now . you can trust me . " he said . i knew he meant it .
" im , im pregnant " i said .
rick stared at me , then my stomache , me , then my stomache for a good minute.
" daniel doesnt know? " he said whispering
i shook my head no .
" you need to tell him ! ... he is ghe father right? " he asked .
" yes , ofcourse " i smiled
"what if he doesnt want a baby , we havnt even said i love you to eachother ." i said blushing .
" uh yes you guys have " he said laughing
" no , never to eachother ." i said
" he says he loves you all the time , to us . its getting annoying actually ." he said
" yeah but never to me , what does that mean? " i said covering my eyes.
" it means that babys parents are chickens who love eachother and fo t have the jiblets to say it to eachother ." rick said pointing to my stomache .
it was silent for about 4 minutes .
" i only took 3 tests " i said quietly
" you didnt go to a doctor?" he said standing up .
" no " i said
" get up , lets go ." he said grabbing his keys .
" what? arent you busy . you dont have t-" i said
"lets go cmon" he said walking out the door .
we got to the hospital and webt into a waiting room full of prego ladies .
" mmhmm " i heard rick say as he saw ladies walking by .
" rick , theyre pregnant ." i said laughing under my breath
" so , thats the best kind , you dont have to use a condom , and they might make you some lunch afterward . " he whispered still watching the ladies .
" thats completely twisted " i said laughing .
it was my turn and i laid down on the bed thing and the nurse came in . "good thing i shaved my stomache " i thought to myself . (yes she shaves her stomache , lots of girls do it .. stop )

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