part 13

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after they left , i had to ask him .
" are we? " i asked looking at him.
"i want to be " he said looking at the wall shly.
" i do to " i said quickly and shyly .
" well then its a yeah " he said blushing looking at me . he walked up to me and hugged me . i hugged back and didnt care about anything but me and him at that very moment . our days proceeded as girlfriend and boyfriend , its been about 3 weeks . i felt really sick like a stomache flu had hit me but only lasted for about an hour and thats in the morning and ive been having weird ideas for dinner , daniels noticed it and weve laughed it off .
i woke up and had to run to the toilet and throw up . i heard daniel knock at the door .
" stay out " i said coughing
" what did i do?" he said confused
" no , i dont want you to see me " i said wiping my lips .
" well , are you okay?" he said concerned .
" im fine , call me when your on your way home from the studio okay " i said
" okay , bye "he said walking away he was already running late.

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