love. (part 3)

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TW- nonconsensual kissing, and Junior being a complete dick.

Detective Evans POV
My mind is still on the fact that Devon was holding hands with Jake at the meeting today. I told him to stay away from that boy. But he looked so happy, I cant take away his happiness because of my own suspicions can I? No. That's not fair for him.

"Hey Evan", I say walking into his room. "Hey", he replies still smiling at his phone. Jake I presume was the cause for this. "Are you and Jake like know?", I say awkwardly. "A couple? yeah we are. And no I won't stay away from him, I already told you hes INNOCENT mum", he rants. "I dont want you to stay away from him, just want you to be happy and safe", I explain. He smiles at me and nods before looking down at his phone and blushing. I just leave him to do whatever it is hes doing.

Juniors POV
Things havent been the same since Lexy told me that Chucky thing. And since I found out that Jake and Devon are dating. I want to be happy about it because it means Jake isnt trying to steal my girlfriend but I almost feel jealous that Jake gets Devon and I dont. Wait no that's weird why am I thinking like this. God I need to be normal for once.

Ever since the principal was killed I have actually stared to believe Lexys story about the doll. Maybe she wasnt lying to me? Who knows.

I arrive at school and see Devon and Jake holding hands again, jealousy surges in my stomach for the second time today. I want Devon is all I can think. Fuck am I gay? How long have I blocked these feelings out for?

Jake's POV
I see Junior staring at Devon and I with a sour look. I cant figure out what it's about but with Junior no one ever can. That's when his eyes flash from me to Devon, I know what that look is. I gave Devon that look for months. That look in his eye is love. Oh no.. this won't end well.

Devon grips my hand tighter and I look up at him breaking my chain of thought. "You okay cutie?", I ask. "Junior's looking at me weirdly.. does he hate me because we're dating?", he whispers. I cant lie to Devon, but I feel like I'm almost betraying Junior by telling him. I decide to do it anyway. "Dev.. that look hes giving you right now is the look I gave you for months.. Babe he likes you", I whisper back in response. "He what?", Devon replied with wide eyes. I just nod and he looks back at Junior before kissing me. I think he was trying to prove a point and it obviously worked because Junior looked away and walked into class.

Lexy's POV
Junior rushed into class and threw all his stuff onto the desk without a word. He looked upset or something of the sort, I'm not really sure how to explain it. Jake and Devon follow after smiling and holding hands. I smile at them and walk over. "Hey guys", I say as Jake hugs me. "hey", Dev says quietly. I give Jake a 'what's wrong with him' look and he looks over at Junior. I'm not sure what's going on but maybe i dont want to know?..

Halfway through class Devon leaves to use the bathroom, Junior leaves a few moments later. Jake turns to me with a worried expression and quickly pulls out his phone and types something. My phone vibrates when he clicks send and I look down at my phone shocked by what I'm reading. 'Lex..I think Juniors going to do something that will make Dev uncomfortable.. say your sick so I can come with you so we can go check on them. please :('.

Jake and I leave the classroom and he runs into the bathrooms, I wonder if i should go in or not but he grabs my hand and pulls me in right after him.

Devon's POV
I'm standing in front of the mirror washing my hands when Junior walks in with a smug expression on his face. He looks at me before rushing forward and pushing me against the wall."stop", I mumble. He kisses me and when i try to push him away he just grabs my arms pining me agaisnt the wall. I grunt trying to get him to stop but he doesn't. At this point I'm pleading for him to stop.

The door slams open and Jake and Lexy appear. Lexy stands there with her mouth open like she was about to say something but stops and disgust washes over her face. Tears are streaming down my face and Jake grabs Junior and pulls him off of me. He looks like he wants to commit homicide. Shit.. Jake's fist collides with Juniors jaw and he falls to floor. Jake doesn't stop punching him. "How could you Junior, I even heard his cries for you to stop but you still didnt. that's disgusting. you should be ashamed of yourself. Oh and Lexys here too so enjoy", he says kicking Junior one last time.

Juniors eyes fall to Lexy as he tries to analyze the look on her face. I feel sick to my stomach. "were done", Lexy yells a tear falling down her face. I put my arm around her and try to comfort her but she just turns around and hugs me. Of course I hug back and we just cry while hugging eachother. Jake is just staring off into space when we finally pull apart. I rush over to Jake and wrap my arms around him, I wanted nothing more than to be In his arms right now.

He hugs me tightly saying "sorry" over and over again. He had nothing to be sorry for, he had just saved me from whatever was about to happen next. I put my hand on his cheek and gently kiss him reassuring that everything was okay. He melts into the kiss and when we pull away to breathe I hear an 'aww' from behind us. Lexy giggles even we look at her. We all leave the bathroom and Junior stays there in a bloody mess.

We end up skipping the rest of the day and going back to Lexys house. Lexy put on a random movie and sat on her bed. She fell asleep within minutes of the movie starting. Not that I can blame her, it must have hurt seeing your own (ex) boyfriend kissing someone who was pleading with him to stop.

Jake's POV
Lexy is asleep and I hope shes okay, the poor girl has gone through so much over the last few weeks.

Devon's sitting in my lap and I'm just holding him. I don't want to let go, scared of what could happen. I wish I hadve been able to protect him before Junior had the chance to do anything in the first place. Devon didnt deserve what had happened. I feel tears fall from my eyes and roll down my face. One must've fallen onto the beautiful boy in my lap because he looked up with a worried expression.

"Jake dont cry", he says wiping tears from my face. "I'm sorry I couldn't protect you in time", I say crying harder now. He looks at me with a sad face and just whispers "jake you saved me from what could've happened. and I will never have enough words for thanking you for it". I stay silent and he says something that changes everything. "I love you". "I love you too", I whisper still holding him. He sits up and gently presses his lips against mine. The kiss is slow, passionate and full of love. Eventually I pull away and blush at the now smiling boy. I internally curse myself out for always blushing. Devon moves back to my lap allowing me to continue holding him.

"You guys are cute", I hear Lexy say sleepily. "Love ya Lex", I say. "you too jake", she replies before falling asleep again.

holy crap this is dark. I didnt even know I was going to write it this way until I got up the staring part. hope yall are okay after that..
also like I need ideas. for more stories coz I cant think

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